What Can You Get With A $1 Tip?

The doorbell rang and when Sherrie opened the front door a tall and beautiful brunette was standing there.

“Hi Amber come in the house.” Sherrie was petite compared to her visitor although she was a beautiful buxom blonde.

“What are you up to this afternoon?” Sherrie inquired of her visitor.

“Carrie, Tessa and I are going to the Gateway Tavern tonight to see some male strippers. Terri Purdy was going to come with us but she got sick. She was going to bring us some party favors. What are you doing tonight?” Amber sat down on the couch.

“I was just going to watch television and wash some laundry.” Sherrie answered.

“That means you aren’t doing anything. I already bought the tickets because they said the show was going to sell out and it did. I have Terri’s ticket and it’s yours if you want it.” Amber was being very persuasive.

“Where did you say the show is and what time?” Sherrie was mildly interested. “I haven’t ever been to a stripper show before.”

“They are a lot of fun. It’s at the Gateway in Springfield at ten. You have plenty of time to get ready. We are all going to meet there at nine so we can get a good table. They are going to have a pretty good band playing there before the show and afterwards as well.”

“Alright, it sounds like fun. I’ll meet you there at nine. That gives me a couple of hours to take a shower and get ready.”

“Cool. I am going to go over and get the goodies from Terri she got for us to take to the show. There will be enough for you if you want some. Well I better get going.” Amber got up and went to the door.

“See you later.” Sherrie walked her to the door and then started getting ready to go out.

Two hours later Sherrie pulled up in the parking lot. Amber was right, the place was packed with cars though she figured everyone probably each drove their own car there just like the three girls she was meeting. Sherrie was dressed in skinny tight black Calvin Klein jeans, a low cut black sequined top and short black suede leather boots. Classy, casual and comfortable was her idea of the perfect outfit.  She scanned the floor and there were guys out there dancing with the women, though there were overwhelmingly more women than men. As she was looking at the dancers she felt a hand on her elbow and when she looked it was Amber and she pointed towards a booth next to the dance floor and led her over to it.

The booth was perfectly located near the stage and right next to the dance area. The other two girls were already seated there. They were all about ten years older than Sherrie. She had met them through the brother of Amber’s husband at a party about a year ago and they had been doing things together occasionally ever since then.

“Hi girls! You snagged a good location here. I have never been to one of these shows before!” Sherrie sat on the outside seat that was open.

“You are in for a treat. I saw these same guys here a couple of months ago and it was a lot of fun,” Tessa filled Sherrie in on what was going to happen. “There is a really hot Hawaiian guy who comes out dressed like a fireman and another guy who looks just like Tom Selleck. There are five guys and they all dress as different characters and dance and strip to rock songs.”

“If you want them to come close, or get them to dance at your table you need to have one dollar bills to tip them with.” Carrie added.

“I don’t have any ones. Besides that I didn’t come here to meet anyone. You guys are all married aren’t you?” Sherrie inquired of the group.

“We are. That’s why you should meet them and tell us all about it.” Amber laughingly added.

“I’m just here to look like the rest of you. I am surprised there are so many guys here.”

“They will kick them out when the show gets ready to start and then let them come back in to dance to the band when the show is over. At least that’s what they did last time.” Just then there was an announcement from the stage that it was time for the guys to go next door to the bar which was going to be closed off for the strip show. The band also left the stage but they left their equipment set up but it was set off to the back and a curtain closed around the instruments left on the stage. Another curtain enclosed the rest of the stage and tables and chairs were quickly set up on the dance floor for the women left on it to sit at.

Then sirens go off and a guy dressed in a police uniform comes out onto the stage.  “Hello Ladies! How are you all doing tonight? I would like to tell you some of the rules. First you cannot touch. You can put bills in their g strings but don’t touch the merchandise. We are all from Southern Oregon and I my name is Tyler and I hope you ladies enjoy the show.” Then the song “Jump” started blasting out and Tyler did his strip show on the stage. The next young man started walking around the room walking among the tables that were surrounding the edge of the dance floor.

Sherrie had seen the Chippendale dancers on television once before and it was obvious these guys were not professionals but they were nice looking and working hard to be very entertaining. They were using the men’s bathroom as a dressing room so when the ladies went to the bathroom they would walk by the men as they were standing behind the stage waiting for their turn to dance. Sherrie thought a couple of them were pretty hot as she stole an appreciative glance while walking by. The dancers were also checking the women out as well.

The hottest guy was the man who was several inches over six foot and was pretty close to a dead ringer for Tom Selleck. He started his first number dressed as Indiana Jones and he worked the dance floor between the tables and chairs set in the middle of it to the booths spread around the edges. Women were shoving dollar bills in his thong and plenty of them were trying to steal a feel of his biceps and abs. He looked to be a little older than the rest of the guys.

When the Hawaiian fireman came out Tessa went nuts. She was gesturing at him trying to get him to come over. “Sherrie, since you are on the outside will take one of these dollars and see if you can get him to come over to our table?” Sherrie tried to do her friend a favor by holding a bill out to get his attention. She was successful and when he came over and started dancing in front of her she handed the bill back to Tessa so she could have the thrill of giving him the bill.

The Tom Selleck clone came out again this time he started out dressed in a white tux and as he worked his way around the room he was wearing nothing but a thong. He eventually got to Sherrie’s table and he proceeded to do a dance right in front of Sherrie so Amber slipped her a bill to reward him with. She did and he leaned down and whispered to her “Can I come and sit at your table after the show?” She was surprised and nodded yes. He danced off to perform his way off the floor.

“What did he say to you?” All three girls were inquiring.

“He asked if could sit with us after the show.”

“Cool. I hope he brings a friend. We’re lucky we brought you tonight.”

The show ended after about an hour and a half. The girls were buzzing with excitement thinking about the stripper coming over to their table after the show. They opened the bar up to the men again and the band came back out and started playing.  After twenty minutes the man came out and came over to their table. They all moved over so he could sit next to Sherrie at the booth.

“Hi, my name is Don.”

“I’m Sherrie and this is Tessa, Amber and Carrie.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“Can you get the Hawaiian guy to come over here to visit too?” Tessa blurted out.

“Sure, he’s pretty shy but when he comes out I will have him come over.”

“Why did you pick our table to visit with?” Sherrie asked Don.

“It wasn’t the table, it was because of you. I think you are cute and you were the only one not trying to stick your hands down my pants.” He replied.

Sherrie started laughing. “You’re kidding right?”

“Unfortunately I’m not. You wouldn’t believe all the things women stick inside my thong. I get joints, a lot of phone numbers along with money of course. It gets kind of weird sometimes. Would you like to dance?”

“Sure.” They went out on the dance floor and afterwards they went to a small table to visit. He told her that he had just started doing the strip shows a few months ago.

“I just do it for a little extra money on the side and to have a good time. I went to work for the Three M Corporation when I was eighteen and I married my high school sweetheart a year later. I was a youth pastor at the church in the small town outside of Medford that we lived in. My wife had two children within a couple of years and they are now teenagers. I started working as a river guide on the weekends for a little extra money and it’s something I have always liked to do. My kids are thirteen and fifteen years old and last year I caught my wife having an affair with our neighbor and so now I’m divorced. I quit the church and started going out to bars and doing all the things I never did before since I got married so young. I ran into this group of guys that were doing this strip show so I started doing it just for fun. I don’t know how long I am going to do it but I am enjoying it for now. This is only the second show I’ve done with this many people. Usually we just do our shows at small bars in the small towns near where we all live.”

Sherrie and Don spent the evening dancing and visiting at the bar and then since he was staying at a motel she invited him to come over to her house and they visited all night and he left with her phone number and promised to call her.

The next day, which was Monday, Sherrie went to her job she had just started a few months before. Her nineteen year old assistant was really excited to hear about her twenty six year old supervisor’s adventure with a male stripper. Later on that afternoon Darcy answered the phone and put it on hold and announced to Sherrie:

“It’s Don on the phone.”

She was a little surprised he called her that quickly. “Hello.”

“Hi. I told you I would call you. I would really like to see you again. What are you doing this weekend? Since it is Memorial Day I have four days off from work.”

“I would love to see you again. Would you like to come up and stay with me? My roommate is going camping so I will have the house to myself.”

“Sure. I will call you Friday and you can give me directions to your house.”

“That will be great, bye.”

Don drove up to Eugene from the town he lived in and they spent the holiday going out to dinner and going out on the river with a friend of hers who had boat he took them out on. Don said he really enjoyed going fishing when someone else ran the boat because as a guide he was usually the one running the boat.

On the next weekend Sherrie drove down to him place and he took her to his stripper practice and then to a baseball game he played in. They started visiting each other every other weekend and she moved in with him after six months and within year they were married. The year was 1984 and fifteen years later Sherrie and Don are still married and he is a full time river guide with his own business. It was her one and only experience with a stripper and his only brief time being one. It turned out to be the best value she ever got for a dollar tip.


Riding On The Beach

The horses’ powerful legs dig into the soft sand as they gallop over the dunes. They fly over the mountains of dunes and urge their mighty steeds forward onto the surf hardened sand and continue to coax their fine mounts faster and faster until they are in a dead run.
Neither horse gives an inch as their riders lean farther down on their necks to urge them on.
They slide to a halt when they hit the surf, the man gives the woman an appreciative glance and they turn their horses away from the ocean and walk them down the beach. The horses walk among the seashells and rippling surf as the man and woman make small talk while they watch each other’s bodies move comfortably with the rhythm of their horses.
The man takes in the woman’s movements like a cat watches a mouse. He enjoys the sleekness of her body, her shining hair and the confident air she possesses while she appears to be one with her horse.
She feels his powerful gaze penetrate her body and makes observations of her own. She felt from the first moment they met something was drawing them together, his aura is powerful and aloof.
He watches her and looks for answers to questions not yet asked, his true intentions are disguised and he fences with glances instead of a sword.
She suspects he wants to feel her out without letting her know what he wants for reasons known only to himself. She likes verbal sparring as long as there is no malicious intent and is intrigued by his interest in her.
What will this encounter on the sand bring?

Stranger In A Bar

“Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?”

There is a handsome man standing next to her, “No, this seat is empty.”

The man sits and catches a waiter’s attention. “I would like a glass of Drambuie and a cup of coffee please.”

“Certainly, would you like me to start a tab?”


Most of the people in the bar had attended a college basketball game that ended ten minutes earlier and the bar was getting crowded. Some had walked to the stadium from the bar and others were stopping by to celebrate the team’s win.

Shelly and her friend Greg had started out at the bar by having a couple of drinks before the game and returned before the game was over because it had turned into a blowout before it was even half-time. They came back to claim a table before the rest of the people got there.

“So did you go to the basketball game?” She inquires of the gorgeous man.

“No, I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop here and get a drink before going home. And you?”

“Yes, for the first half but it was so one sided my friend and I left.”

“I can relate to that.”

Shelly notices that the friends of Greg’s he had invited back to the bar while at the game were starting to trickle in and were standing at the far end of the counter next to him and visiting with each other. She would rather talk to the hot stranger that is sitting next to her than Greg’s snobby friends from out of town.

“Do you live around here?”

“Not really, but I don’t live very far away. What about you?”

“I live about 10 minutes away.  I came here with a friend though my sister works here so I come here fairly often and visit. Do you come here much?”

“I come here every now and then. It is a good place to stop by to watch sports on TV. The people that work here are friendly and the service is good.”

“I agree with you. My sister’s name is Annie, have you met her?” Shelly’s sister is very attractive and likes to flirt so Shelly figures there is a good chance this guy has met her.

“Annie is your sister? Yeah I know her, she is usually working when I stop by.” He looks at her in an appraising way she thinks.

“I thought you might know her, she is quite friendly. She doesn’t work nights, or weekends, so she isn’t here now.”

The man gave Shelly a knowing look she thought. “So what do you like to do for fun?”

“I like going to college football and basketball games a lot. My boss has ten season tickets and his wife hates sports so he likes to give a few tickets to some of the customers and the rest to his employees so he has people to go with. Do you like football or basketball?”

“I like both of them but I don’t go to games very often. It sounds like you have a pretty sweet deal with your boss.”

“It is, and what do you like to do for fun?”

“I go to rock concerts when there are any around and I like going to plays at the Rose Center. I have a dog and a cat so I spend a lot of time at home in the evenings keeping them company.”

“Cool, I love rock concerts too and I also have a dog and two cats. I really like to cook and eat good food.”

“So do I. Have you ever eaten here?”

“Yes, they have really good breakfast specials on the weekends.”

“I need to get home but maybe you would you like to meet me for a drink or have some lunch sometime?”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

“I’ll give you my phone number and you can give me a call.”

The man grabs a matchbook off the counter and wrote inside the cover and hands it to Shelly.

“It was nice meeting you and I will call you.”

“Sounds good have a good night.”


The man walks out of the bar and Greg comes over and sits down next to her.

“So who was that guy you were talking to?”

“I don’t know who he was. He was here having a drink.”

“It looked like you were having a heavy conversation so I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

“You wouldn’t have been, we were just making small talk. He knew my sister.”

“My friends from Portland are here if you want to visit with them.”

“Sure.”  She stayed at the bar for another hour and then went home.

Her roommate was still up watching television when she got there.

“Hi Erin, what’s going on?”

“Just watching TV and playing with your dog. How was the game?”

“It was kind of boring so we left at half-time. I met a really cute guy at the bar though.”

“I thought you went to the game with Greg?”

“I did but we aren’t dating any more. Besides he left me sitting at the bar by myself, like always, and he went and visited with his buddies. This hot guy sat next to me and we had a really nice visit. We had a lot of things in common, it was almost kind of weird the way we hit it off right away. He was so cool I almost thought I was imagining him except Greg said he saw me visiting with someone. Funny, I don’t remember what his name was though.”

“He must not have been that cool if you can’t remember his name.”

“He gave me his phone number, it’s in my purse. Here it is but he only wrote his number down. He didn’t write his name down. Oh well, I’ll just call and won’t mention that I don’t remember his name, maybe it won’t even come up.”

Shelly called the number a couple of days later and got an answering machine for a business.

“You have reached The Angels Hotline, please leave a message for the angel you want after the tone.”


When she first met him she thought he was interesting to talk to because he was intelligent and from an entirely different background than hers.  At first she didn’t really feel particularly attracted to him physically, he was better than average looking she thought but she didn’t have any particular physical attraction to him.

He, on the other hand, knew from the first time he met her that they would end up together.  She was different from any other girl he’d ever met.  She was cute, smart, confident and direct in her speech and actions.  She made an impression on him that he didn’t forget.

They met at a social function they both attended which was brought about by a mutual friend of theirs.  He was five years younger than her.  She had recently recovered from a relationship she had been in which she had cared about the man more than she had ever allowed herself do as quickly as she had with ever done with anyone else before in her life and it when it hadn’t worked out she was very wary of relationships in general after she had let her guard down before and had been crushed emotionally after doing so.  So she was not looking for any involvement with anyone for any reason.

It would be six months after that first meeting that they would end up seeing each other again, and once again it was through the same mutual friend they had first met through.  Later they would talk about that friend and both agreed the friend they had in common was a friend who they both had a lot of distrust of for various reasons.  By the time the second meeting occurred she had put her bad relationship behind her and found the man more attractive this time than she had in their previous meeting – but it was still only on a mental level with only an interest in friendship for her.

They had attended a few social events through their mutual friend several times in the next four months and a mutual attraction began to grow between them

One hot July afternoon she called him up to see if he felt like having her come visit and have a  beer or two with her.  He responded enthusiastically so she bought a six pack and went to visit.  When she got there he was thrilled she came over and he asked her if she would like to go for a short drive to out to the country to visit a place where he had just purchased a piece of property.  They went there and had a couple of the beers she had brought and then went back to his house.  They had many interesting conversations and a physical attraction started forming between them.  He finally told her how he felt about her and how attractive he found her and she told him she was interested in him also but she was afraid of getting involved with him because he was fairly inexperienced in relationships and she was afraid of getting hurt again because she always gave too much of herself in a relationship once she committed to it.  She said she would think about what he wanted to have with her, he said he understood and would accept whatever she decided.

In about a week she decided she did want to go ahead and see him romantically.  They had a cautious first date, then went back to her place and made wild passionate love and spent the night together.  She didn’t hear a word from him for about 3 weeks after their first romantic encounter.

He told her he had liked her too much and was afraid of how he felt one they finally saw each other again.

They dated once more after the first sexual encounter but now they were playing something of a distancing game with each other, both of them seemed afraid of committing themselves more than anything else.

Time passes……

As she lay there is his arms she finally felt at peace.  The fear and the pain started fading away and a ghost of hope started growing in the distance.  It was faint but nevertheless it was still there.  This vision had eluded her for so long she hadn’t been sure she would be able to recognize it if it came.

He held her close to his chest and felt her tenseness slowly disappear.  He had felt her fear and hoped that the quietness was a sign that she was winning her battle and was not giving up.

The rain started beating down on the roof of the cabin creating a peaceful rhythmic sound.

They awoke in each other’s arms, neither had moved during the night, sleeping calmly with the sound of the continuous storm outside, but there was calm within.

Then they made love with a passion and electricity that was all enveloping, overtaking every part of their bodies.  Wrapping them in warm and exciting feelings – nothing else existed but their togetherness.  They laid and caressed each other’s bodies for hours, listening to the soft and sexy sounds of the music of acoustic guitars and having their bodies feel like part of the music.

This was everything they had missed and fantasized about in the months they had stayed apart and had tried to get each other out of their lives.  The ups and downs of their affair over the years had built to a crescendo neither was able to handle so they had decided to be just friends and not romantically involved.

They made it for five months but they both thought about each other constantly and wanted to give in.  It was hard to be around each other and to feel the lust and passion and not give in to it.  They both knew it was there but thought it would go away in time.

One afternoon they were visiting at his place and he asked her to just lay there in his arms and she did because she was hoping he would ask.  I felt so good and so right – how could it be wrong?  The feelings seemed even stronger than ever but she was determined to keep only the magic part of their relationship and not let reality ruin that special quality.  She knew they it could never really work for them to be together so why not make the time they did spend together special and have it be an escape from reality?

She knew that no matter what they had together it would eventually have to end because it wasn’t reality and fantasies all end – she just wanted it to last as long as possible and end in the most pleasant way possible.

My lover Tom!

My lover Tom!

Class Reunion

I had heard a lot of stories from older friends about their twenty year high school class reunion events that they had attended and had been disappointed by them.  Many said it was because nothing much had changed since they were in high school and the friends they had liked back when they were in high school they either were still in contact with or they were still the people they liked at the reunion parties and dinners and the ones that they didn’t like back in school they still didn’t like for the same reasons they didn’t like them twenty years earlier.  I had changed a lot since I was in high school so I was really looking forward to my school’s twenty year reunion.  I was born with hereditary disease called Charcot Marie Tooth, which is now known to be the most common neuropathic disease there is and it is more common than Multiple Sclerosis which most people have at least heard of, so I spent my whole childhood and adolescence being very insecure and the most unhappy times in my life were when I was in school because I was “different” which of course means you get made fun of by the children you have to see five days a week at school. I did have being smart going for me so I was at least only different for my physical reasons but as a youngster that didn’t help me much with my self image issues very much because as far as I was concerned I wasn’t attractive or desirable and as a teenager that is way more important than being smart – that is just the way it is!  When I was 16 my family moved to a very small town town about fifteen miles from the much larger one I was born in and went to school in, from a town with a population around 100,000 people to one that probably had an unofficial population of maybe 500 if you included everyone in between the fifteen mile physical distance between the two towns.  I was instantly one of the most popular girls in this new town and I was able to “reinvent” myself since no one knew me at all.  I achieved feelings of confidence in myself with this new experience for me of being one of the hottest “chicks” in town.  My family had moved to this new small town in between my sophomore and junior years in high school and I was starting to get more conficencern about when I first moved to the small town but still was going to the High School that I had been going to in the larger town so I went through high school in sort of a dual identity situation. I had the well known role of shy but good student at the high school in the large town and then the after school popularity at the sites in the small town I inhabited after school and on the weekends, like the local swimming hole. After I was out of school I continued to grow and came “into my own” as an attractive smart person and began a whole new life. I was eager to go to my 20th high school reunion because it was my chance to meet the “boys” I was scared of in high school that I now had the confidence to deal with. There was a “boy” I had known ever since 6th grade when his family had moved to the town I was born in and went to school in my whole life that I had always had a crush on, and he liked me a lot and we were friends, but he was cute and popular so we never dated or did anything socially when I was in school but I always wanted to know him better. I went to that 20th high school reunion with the purpose of showing all those kids what I had become, it was a necessary thing for me to do for my own opinion my self worth. The following is my “story book” presentation of what happened at the “meet and greet” party at a local bar the night before the official class reunion event. I hope you enjoy my story and would love to hear your comments, some of my friends have told me that they wish this had happened to them at their 20th high school reunion.

Here is my story of my 20th year high school reunion:

“When he walked in the door it took her back 28 years to when the brash young boy first walked into her classroom as a new student in the middle of the year. She was a very shy but good student and he was very confident and almost as good a student as she was. He was kind of a smart-ass and wasn’t particularly popular when he first arrived at the school but he was very fond of the shy girl I was and would walk by my house and visit with me after school and it made me feel very good. When Valentine’s Day came around he showed his interest in my by giving me 5 valentine’s cards, I really really liked him. It was “puppy love” and didn’t end up in our having any kind of grade school romance and even though I was still attracted to him in middle school and high school but by then he had become cute and was popular and I might have been cute but I was still painfully shy. And then high school was over and I went on with my life.  I put myself through college and became a bookkeeper and then went on to become an accountant and controller of a “few good” companies.  I became the confident person in my personal life that I had first learned to be in my professional life and was happy and doing well.  I read about the 20th year high school reunion for my class, and I had to go and see what how the 39 year old me would do when put back in the environment of the teenage me.”
Back to the story:
She was attracted to him back in school, just as she was now drawn to the gorgeous man now standing in front of her. During the course of the evening they both visited with each other as well as all of the other classmates gathered for their 20 year high school reunion. They didn’t pay that much apparent attention to each other as they both played the room and became reacquainted with the approximate one third of their class that had turned out for this event of about 100 people.  The class of 1975 at their high school had been the largest one in all of the Six High Schools in the two cities that were next door neighbors, whose teams played football, basketball and baseball against each other, with 300 students in it.  They spent most of the evening visiting with the other people they had gone to school with yet always aware of each other’s presence and where they were in the room.  Just as it had always been when they were in school together. How could two people seem to be so distant to each other when it had always seemed so apparent to everyone else that they were really so attracted to each other? As the evening progressed more and more people left and eventually they discussed leaving together. They were still cool about the details of what would might possibly happen between them though.  Another man asked her if she wanted to go out to breakfast with him as the last twenty or so people at the bar were milling around to leave and as she was thought about what to say, because the man she was interested in hadn’t actually asked her to do anything after they left the bar, all of a sudden her “crush” touched her arm and told the classmate of theirs that she was going out to breakfast with him.  When he said that she felt very good, this was the elusive feeling she had gone there for, the feeling that she was desirable and that he really did want her and it really “turned” her on. The left the bar and went out to her car, he had driven up on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle that he had rode all the way from San Diego on to attend the reunion, which had been a very cool and dramatic entrance especially with his black hair neatly braided into a pony tail that ran halfway down his back, but not a very good way to go anywhere at 3 am in the morning.  They didn’t really discuss breakfast after they got in her car and they made small talk as she drove her sports car home and eventually they were touching each other’s hands as they pulled in the driveway to her house. They walked in the door together and immediately ended up on the couch sitting next to each other.  There were a few small moments of talking where they admitted to each other that they had had a crush on each other since the fifth grade. Then they tentatively kissed and it was good, very good! From there the clothes were ripped off and they started to make love to each other and then he stood and carried her while holding her with her body wrapped around his to her bedroom where they then made frenetic passionate love to each other. It was as if their bodies were made to make love, every part fit perfectly, even at 39 years old they still both had hard bodies and youthful looks to match, maybe it was because neither had ever been married or had children…or maybe it was just because… Was it fate, or just circumstances that had brought them together this wild night?  They felt like they were 11 again as well as the age they really were with all of the experiences and passion that living 39 years can give a person.
They spent all night in each other’s arms and in the morning she drove him to his brother’s house where he was staying while in town for the class reunion.  She had a previous obligation to fulfill that morning with the boyfriend she had been going out with who had just got back into town that morning so she never found out what the progression of their relationship might have been had she not had to leave, but she suspects it would have been the same because he could have called her after that night and he never did. That didn’t take away from the consummation of a twenty eight year crush that ended in a night that she would never forget!”

“The events are true and we never saw each other again, but it was a nice ending to an almost thirty year old crush.”

Riding On The Beach

The horse powerful legs dug into the soft sand as they galloped over the dunes. They came flying over the mountains of sand and urged their mighty steeds forward onto the surf hardened sand and continued to coax their fine mounts faster into a dead run. Neither horse gave an inch as their riders leaned farther down on their necks as they urged them on. They came to a sliding halt when they hit the surf, the man gave the woman an appreciative glance as they turned their horses away from the ocean and walked them down the beach. As the horses walked among the seashells and rippling surf the man and the woman made small talk while watching each other’s bodies moving comfortably with the rhythm of their horses. The man watched the woman’s every movement like a cat would do if it was watching a mouse. He was taking in the sleekness of her body, her shining hair and the confident air she possessed her horse with while moving with the movements of her horse. She felt his penetrating gaze and was making observations of her own. She had felt from the first moment they met that there was something drawing them together. He gave off the aura of being powerful and aloof, always watching her as if he was trying to find out answers to questions he hadn’t asked, always disguising his true intentions and fencing with her with his glances instead of a sword. She suspected he was trying to feel her out without letting her know what he really was trying to find out for reasons known only to himself. She liked verbal sparring as long as there was no malicious intent and she was also intrigued by his interest in her. Would she ever find out what he was thinking she wondered?