I have no doubt that Gordon Ramsay knows how to cook but he know how to be an arrogant asshole even better that he could possibly cook. I have a lot of trouble believing that people would really rather watch him be a flipping “dick” than show why he is considered a good chef because it really turns me off and I don’t take anything away from the show that is food related. All his television programs are fake drama at its most fake. I have watched the Master Chef programs, the UK version without Ramsay and the US version with him and I find the UK version much more informative. I watch level headed people cook inventive dishes with a wide variety of ingredients and the food makes me hungry and want to cook some of the things the people on the show cook. Not so with the “Ramsay” version, they barely show the food being cooked as the whole thing is centered around the drama of when Ramsay will get pissed off and who will he get pissed off at, it has nothing to do with good food. His show “Kitchen Nightmares” is such a total joke it isn’t worth your time to watch the high (once again fake) drama, after all the restaurants pay to have him come and deride them on national television. The statistics on the survival rate of the restaurants that have had him come and help their place survive is close to zero but that is not too surprising because they pick restaurants that are on the brink of closure because of bad practices for many years and then have Gordon Ramsay come in and in a matter of a few days supposedly solves all of the problems that these places have had for many years, problems that are only partially solved by better cooking. Most of the restaurants have dirty kitchens, bad food handling besides bad cooking and bad service, it took them a long time to get that bad and there is no way it can be solved in a few days. High drama, low reality, the reality is in the fact that almost all of the restaurants go broke before the year is out just like they deserved to do by being owned by people who had no business owning a restaurant. Then there is “Hell’s Kitchen” which is really just another version of “Master Chef” with amateur cooks instead of semi pro chefs that want to be pro chefs. He yells and demeans the amateur cook’s the same way he does the more experienced ones and continues with the fake drama like they committing acts of life or death. If it wasn’t so stupid it would be funny. Why doesn’t he just get his own cooking show and put his money where his mouth is and cause me to get hungry while watching him cook? Just a thought Chef Ramsay.