Riding On The Beach

The horses’ powerful legs dig into the soft sand as they gallop over the dunes. They fly over the mountains of dunes and urge their mighty steeds forward onto the surf hardened sand and continue to coax their fine mounts faster and faster until they are in a dead run.
Neither horse gives an inch as their riders lean farther down on their necks to urge them on.
They slide to a halt when they hit the surf, the man gives the woman an appreciative glance and they turn their horses away from the ocean and walk them down the beach. The horses walk among the seashells and rippling surf as the man and woman make small talk while they watch each other’s bodies move comfortably with the rhythm of their horses.
The man takes in the woman’s movements like a cat watches a mouse. He enjoys the sleekness of her body, her shining hair and the confident air she possesses while she appears to be one with her horse.
She feels his powerful gaze penetrate her body and makes observations of her own. She felt from the first moment they met something was drawing them together, his aura is powerful and aloof.
He watches her and looks for answers to questions not yet asked, his true intentions are disguised and he fences with glances instead of a sword.
She suspects he wants to feel her out without letting her know what he wants for reasons known only to himself. She likes verbal sparring as long as there is no malicious intent and is intrigued by his interest in her.
What will this encounter on the sand bring?


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