Selling Stuff Using Breaking Bad!

When I get played to make me watch commercials it really pisses me off! When I was watching the newest, and highly advertised, episode of “Breaking Bad” I became very aware of how commercial television shows have become, beyond the immediate and obvious nature of the commercials themselves! Jimmy Kimmel also mentioned that he was pissed off at the very same thing that pissed me off about the obvious trickery that AMC used to try and make us watch their new show in order to see the previews of the next episode of Breaking Bad. I won because I “dvr” every thing I watch and fast forward through the commercials and when they announced that I had to watch part of their new show to see the preview I just fast forwarded until I got to the preview, but just as Jimmy noted, it was a very long time until the first commercial. What a bunch of crap! I feel the same as Jimmy, I already hate this new show based on the slimy tactics that AMC practiced, I taped the show as I was willing to give it a chance, until I found out they were trying to hold their audience hostage so there is no way in hell I am going to watch it now. How slimy can advertisers be? Pretty f***ing slimy!