Class Reunion

I had heard a lot of stories from older friends about their twenty year high school class reunion events that they had attended and had been disappointed by them.  Many said it was because nothing much had changed since they were in high school and the friends they had liked back when they were in high school they either were still in contact with or they were still the people they liked at the reunion parties and dinners and the ones that they didn’t like back in school they still didn’t like for the same reasons they didn’t like them twenty years earlier.  I had changed a lot since I was in high school so I was really looking forward to my school’s twenty year reunion.  I was born with hereditary disease called Charcot Marie Tooth, which is now known to be the most common neuropathic disease there is and it is more common than Multiple Sclerosis which most people have at least heard of, so I spent my whole childhood and adolescence being very insecure and the most unhappy times in my life were when I was in school because I was “different” which of course means you get made fun of by the children you have to see five days a week at school. I did have being smart going for me so I was at least only different for my physical reasons but as a youngster that didn’t help me much with my self image issues very much because as far as I was concerned I wasn’t attractive or desirable and as a teenager that is way more important than being smart – that is just the way it is!  When I was 16 my family moved to a very small town town about fifteen miles from the much larger one I was born in and went to school in, from a town with a population around 100,000 people to one that probably had an unofficial population of maybe 500 if you included everyone in between the fifteen mile physical distance between the two towns.  I was instantly one of the most popular girls in this new town and I was able to “reinvent” myself since no one knew me at all.  I achieved feelings of confidence in myself with this new experience for me of being one of the hottest “chicks” in town.  My family had moved to this new small town in between my sophomore and junior years in high school and I was starting to get more conficencern about when I first moved to the small town but still was going to the High School that I had been going to in the larger town so I went through high school in sort of a dual identity situation. I had the well known role of shy but good student at the high school in the large town and then the after school popularity at the sites in the small town I inhabited after school and on the weekends, like the local swimming hole. After I was out of school I continued to grow and came “into my own” as an attractive smart person and began a whole new life. I was eager to go to my 20th high school reunion because it was my chance to meet the “boys” I was scared of in high school that I now had the confidence to deal with. There was a “boy” I had known ever since 6th grade when his family had moved to the town I was born in and went to school in my whole life that I had always had a crush on, and he liked me a lot and we were friends, but he was cute and popular so we never dated or did anything socially when I was in school but I always wanted to know him better. I went to that 20th high school reunion with the purpose of showing all those kids what I had become, it was a necessary thing for me to do for my own opinion my self worth. The following is my “story book” presentation of what happened at the “meet and greet” party at a local bar the night before the official class reunion event. I hope you enjoy my story and would love to hear your comments, some of my friends have told me that they wish this had happened to them at their 20th high school reunion.

Here is my story of my 20th year high school reunion:

“When he walked in the door it took her back 28 years to when the brash young boy first walked into her classroom as a new student in the middle of the year. She was a very shy but good student and he was very confident and almost as good a student as she was. He was kind of a smart-ass and wasn’t particularly popular when he first arrived at the school but he was very fond of the shy girl I was and would walk by my house and visit with me after school and it made me feel very good. When Valentine’s Day came around he showed his interest in my by giving me 5 valentine’s cards, I really really liked him. It was “puppy love” and didn’t end up in our having any kind of grade school romance and even though I was still attracted to him in middle school and high school but by then he had become cute and was popular and I might have been cute but I was still painfully shy. And then high school was over and I went on with my life.  I put myself through college and became a bookkeeper and then went on to become an accountant and controller of a “few good” companies.  I became the confident person in my personal life that I had first learned to be in my professional life and was happy and doing well.  I read about the 20th year high school reunion for my class, and I had to go and see what how the 39 year old me would do when put back in the environment of the teenage me.”
Back to the story:
She was attracted to him back in school, just as she was now drawn to the gorgeous man now standing in front of her. During the course of the evening they both visited with each other as well as all of the other classmates gathered for their 20 year high school reunion. They didn’t pay that much apparent attention to each other as they both played the room and became reacquainted with the approximate one third of their class that had turned out for this event of about 100 people.  The class of 1975 at their high school had been the largest one in all of the Six High Schools in the two cities that were next door neighbors, whose teams played football, basketball and baseball against each other, with 300 students in it.  They spent most of the evening visiting with the other people they had gone to school with yet always aware of each other’s presence and where they were in the room.  Just as it had always been when they were in school together. How could two people seem to be so distant to each other when it had always seemed so apparent to everyone else that they were really so attracted to each other? As the evening progressed more and more people left and eventually they discussed leaving together. They were still cool about the details of what would might possibly happen between them though.  Another man asked her if she wanted to go out to breakfast with him as the last twenty or so people at the bar were milling around to leave and as she was thought about what to say, because the man she was interested in hadn’t actually asked her to do anything after they left the bar, all of a sudden her “crush” touched her arm and told the classmate of theirs that she was going out to breakfast with him.  When he said that she felt very good, this was the elusive feeling she had gone there for, the feeling that she was desirable and that he really did want her and it really “turned” her on. The left the bar and went out to her car, he had driven up on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle that he had rode all the way from San Diego on to attend the reunion, which had been a very cool and dramatic entrance especially with his black hair neatly braided into a pony tail that ran halfway down his back, but not a very good way to go anywhere at 3 am in the morning.  They didn’t really discuss breakfast after they got in her car and they made small talk as she drove her sports car home and eventually they were touching each other’s hands as they pulled in the driveway to her house. They walked in the door together and immediately ended up on the couch sitting next to each other.  There were a few small moments of talking where they admitted to each other that they had had a crush on each other since the fifth grade. Then they tentatively kissed and it was good, very good! From there the clothes were ripped off and they started to make love to each other and then he stood and carried her while holding her with her body wrapped around his to her bedroom where they then made frenetic passionate love to each other. It was as if their bodies were made to make love, every part fit perfectly, even at 39 years old they still both had hard bodies and youthful looks to match, maybe it was because neither had ever been married or had children…or maybe it was just because… Was it fate, or just circumstances that had brought them together this wild night?  They felt like they were 11 again as well as the age they really were with all of the experiences and passion that living 39 years can give a person.
They spent all night in each other’s arms and in the morning she drove him to his brother’s house where he was staying while in town for the class reunion.  She had a previous obligation to fulfill that morning with the boyfriend she had been going out with who had just got back into town that morning so she never found out what the progression of their relationship might have been had she not had to leave, but she suspects it would have been the same because he could have called her after that night and he never did. That didn’t take away from the consummation of a twenty eight year crush that ended in a night that she would never forget!”

“The events are true and we never saw each other again, but it was a nice ending to an almost thirty year old crush.”


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