I frequently am sitting on the couch and my female canine gets up and walks around the house and then she starts to bark, for no apparent reason. The male is just lays over by the door and doesn’t pay any attention to her at all. I watch her and she is just looking around and I think she is just bored and trying to stir up some action. She is about half the size of the male, she weighs about 60 pounds and he weighs about 130 pounds. They both eat almost the same amount of food and neither of them is overweight. The female should be as much as she eats but she apparently burns a lot more “mental” energy than the male does. He is very laid back and she is constantly looking around for ways to stir up trouble, whether it is pretending to hear something outside and barking just to see if she can get the male to bite and start barking at the imaginary thing she is barking at. She is a lot more worried about getting her “fair” share of the food. I sort of chalk this up to her “I’ve got to eat more so I can feed the puppies” frame of mind she always seems to be operating from even when there are no puppies around to feed. She is always “thinking” unlike the male who is very mellow and doesn’t look for problems. I feel that some of these differences between the sexes in the dogs is not so dissimilar to those of human beings. Women tend to look out for children more than men, it’s not that men don’t care it is just not as much hardwired into their DNA like it is with the females. Females have the young, they don’t have a choice about taking care of their young and I think this basic instinct accounts for a lot of the differences between males and females in all species of animals on our planet.