Who Is normal? Me or them? Or No One?

When I was younger, I am now 56, I had a couple of friends that seemed to have strange habits. Like the friend who compulsively had to schedule every single thing that he did, there was almost no way he could spontaneously go out to dinner if I called him. I, on the other hand always scheduled things that were important that I knew about in advance but if someone were to call me up and ask me to do something on the spur of the moment I would always do it unless I had something else I had to do. As I have gotten older I find I have less “free” time and more things I have to consider before doing something but if all those bases are covered I still can say “yes I will meet you for lunch”. I now find that some of my friends, that used to think the same friends were weird that I did, are now developing strange quirks and I am wondering why. Am I the weird one because I don’t compulsively have to close the refrigerator after 2 seconds because it might use a pennies worth of electricity or is the friend who now does who used to buy the most expensive stereo on the market without price shopping? I feel like anyone who can’t explain why they emphatically do something to have an obsessive compulsive disorder and I wonder how it happened to people who never used to be that way. I remember noticing that some older people were a bit eccentric when I was a teenager but the people I am now seeing these eccentric qualities in are under 60, which I don’t think is old but maybe the people I thought were old when I was a teenager weren’t as old as I thought they were. Just wondering!


Nearly Normal

What is normal?

Is it boring?

Is it weird?

Is that normal?

What is not normal?

Is it not average?

Is being it being cruel?

Is it being or not being common?

Is doing intentional damage normal?


Is being unkind normal?


Is being careless and hurtful normal?

If any of these things are normal I am not standard, average, common, customary, or typical.

Then according to Webster I am not normal.

I look around the world and wonder what normal is,

I think ordinary is something no one is.

I don’t think anyone is normal.

I can only hope that I am “nearly normal” because being “common” sounds so “typical”.

Mother's Love - Normal!

Mother’s Love – Normal!