3 hour fried chicken with Tyler Florence on GMA, really, why?

I was watching Good Morning America and saw the strangest method for making fried chicken that I have ever seen. I am not going to try it so I can’t say if it is any good or not but since I have had almost all of my friends rave about my fried chicken and call me for the recipe I see no reason to try a recipe that takes 4 times longer than mine and is way messier. The secret to me to perfect fried chicken is a very spicy and crispy skin, it can be done quite simply which is sort of the key to the perfection of it. I use about 13 spices on the chicken before I dust it with only flour and I put it in hot oil and cook on one side without turning it with the lid on it for 20 minutes and then take the lid off and leave it off so that when I turn the chicken over it will get crispy while the second side cooks. It is quick, easy and foolproof. No messy dredging it in buttermilk, which adds more calories and isn’t needed if you use the right spices and make sure the oil is hot when you put the chicken in it. The recipe the guy on GMA cooked called for you to precook the chicken for 2 and a half hours before you dip it in a buttermilk batter and then fry it. Yes you only fry it for 6 minutes but why? You get the same amount of calories in 6 minutes as you do in 40 and you had to heat your whole house up for 2 hours while you unnecessarily baked the chicken to cook it before frying it. Isn’t it kind of silly to make twice cooked cooked chicken? Besides that why would I want to spend 3 hours cooking fried chicken when from start to finish mine only takes an hour and everyone I know thinks it is perfect? I don’t get it I guess. If you ever try this recipe please let me know if it is better than my method which is a lot of people’s method!


3 thoughts on “3 hour fried chicken with Tyler Florence on GMA, really, why?

  1. lol – saw the recipe when looking for the tomato/watermelon side he made – list of ingredients & utensils for the chicken is ridiculous plus all that time without a prep cook. Did find the salad recipe, just wanted to see what dressing he used, and it called for Persian cucumbers. WTF is that – I’m pretty sure my garden’s organic, heirloom cukes will work fine.

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