My Favorite Restaurant (Power of Seven) “Starters” Menu

Scallop Ceviche – Tender bay scallops marinated in fresh lime juice, sweet onions, tomatoes                     

                               and green chilies

Blue Cheese Meatballs – Ground beef mixed with blue cheese, onions, parsley and thyme and

                                          baked until golden brown

Chorizo Tamales – Cornhusk tamales filled with a masa encased stuffing of chorizo, olives,

                                 cheese and sour cream

Beer Cheese Fondue – Rich three cheese sauce with beer, garlic and a touch of hot pepper

                                      With fresh buttered croutons to dip in it

Barbecued Ginger Pork – Tender roasted pork marinated in ginger syrup, soy sauce, garlic,

                                           and sherry served with hot mustard and sesame seeds

Bloody Marinated Shrimp – Shrimp cooked in garlic and lemon and marinated in bloody

                                               mary cocktail mix

Garlic & Paprika Fried Lamb – Boneless lamb tidbits seasoned with smoked Spanish paprika

                                                and served crispy with a garlic cilantro sauce                                                


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