I Have An Amazingly Intelligent Con Canine!

When I watch National Geographic my 9 year old wolf dog likes to watch the nature shows that have big cats, wolves and critters that run around on the ground. She will sit attentively and watch as the animals move around on the screen, She will occasionally go up to the t.v. and try to look behind the set, I guess she is trying to figure out how the kitties got inside my t.v. The male wolf dog just looks at the screen for a while and just walks  away like if he can’t touch it he doesn’t see any point in watching the critters run around. The male has something wrong with the tear ducts in his eyes, they have stopped producing tears, so I have to put drops in his eyes twice a day so that I can keep him from going blind for as long as I can. He weighs 130 pounds and he isn’t very fond of having the three sets of drops put in his eyes twice a day so in order to get him to cooperate I bribe him with tiny goodies. Niner, the female, gets really excited whenever I call him over to medicate his eyes because she knows that I will give her a little piece of something when I give Hunter his treat. She has even gone so far as to walk up to me and start rubbing her eye with her paw as if trying to tell me that her eyes need drops also and I know it is because she wants a goodie. It looks so silly to see her rubbing her eyes and looking at me as if to say “see my eyes are bad too, I need eye drops too” and I know it is just because she thinks she is missing something. She will stand in front of the male when I am trying to put drops in his eyes and she likes me to put the saline solution drops in her eyes (they are the only drops I put in Hunter’s eyes that don’t have medicine in them) which occasionally I do just to make her happy and so Hunter sees her cooperate and not be the only one I am picking on, at he seems to think I am being mean to him, even though I am pretty darned sure the drops are not painful. They remind me of children!


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