I Am Almost Done Writing My Cookbook…

I have been working on writing a cookbook for me and my family and friends who have eaten the recipes over the years at parties and holidays. I didn’t realize what a trip through old memories this would be. As I go through the recipes, and cook the ones I haven’t had for a long time to make sure I want to include them in my cookbook, it has evoked a lot of memories of some of the events I made some of the recipes for. Good memories, as I find most memories involving food are good memories, I don’t seem to have a lot of memories about the food that didn’t impress me. I found that when I was younger I collected, and made up, a lot of ambitious and time consuming recipes. As I got older I created and collected a lot more casserole and quick and easy recipes, partly this was because as I got older I spent 50 hours a week doing something related to my job, either the actual time I spent at the job, time spent going to and from it and the time in the morning preparing to go to work. When I was forced to retire because of my hereditary neuropathic disease that eventually got too bad for me to work six years ago I quit reading the paper at lunch every day and quit collecting recipes. I also pretty much quit going out to dinner which was another source of my recipes as I used to come home after having a good inventive meal at a restaurant and I would recreate it so I could have the meal more often that I had time to out and eat. I have always had dogs and cats and the dogs always liked to have their dinner just after “us” humans had ours and if we went out to dinner the dogs were disappointed and sometimes wouldn’t even eat dinner because their humans didn’t eat at home. This made me feel guilty so I didn’t go out to dinner that much and for the last 6 years I have lived alone in the country with my animals so I feel even more guilty leaving them at home and going out to eat, pretty silly I know. My vet once said my animals own me and I can’t argue with him but they are fairly undemanding bosses! I only have 16 recipes to go to finish my cookbook, I don’t know what I am to use for an excuse to make 2 or 3 different old recipes every week (to make sure they were still good and deserved to go in my cookbook) and I will have a total of 300 recipes in the cookbook. I guess I will just have to cook the recipes out of the book after it is finished to “make sure” I put the right ones in the book. Every time I work on the book and read the recipes trying to decide which ones will make the cut I get very hungry thinking about all of the wonderful food in the recipes. I have known a few people who are very picky eaters and I feel sorry for them for they are missing so many wonderful things to eat. I will never get tired of cooking and eating good food.

Back to work to pick out my last 16 recipes and see which ones I “have” to try to see if they are still good!


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