I have two wolf dogs, one is a 9 year old female and one is a 6 year old male. I got them from a lady who rescues wolf dogs as well as breeds a couple litters of them a year on purpose, the female was a 3 year old rescued wolf when I got her and the male was a 10 week old pup she bred on purpose. They were the second pair I have gotten from her, when I got the first pair I lived with a roommate and when I decided I wanted my own place my roommate and I were going to split custody of the dogs but they always wanted to go back to the home they had lived in for 3 years when they came to my new place so I let my roommate keep them (that was 6 years ago and I still go and visit the first two once or twice a week, I was one of their first two friends in life and they are bonded to me forever and I to them), it seemed easier just to rescue 2 more dogs since my ex-roommate had the desire and space to keep the first two and I had the desire and space to keep a second pair. I find the interactions both of these pairs of wolf dogs have with each other fascinating. They tease each other, get mad at each other, play with each other and love each other, kind of the like how human relationships work. The two females in both of these partnerships are a little smarter than the males and both of the males are more laid back and sweeter than the females. Both the males and the females do play games with their partner’s. The female in the first couple is a very intense girl, she is always dead serious about everything. Dead serious that she should eat first, she is by far the better dog (she thinks that for sure and makes sure her presence is known first and the mellower male lets her have her way.  He is shyer and takes a while to warm up to people, the female knows this so she bulls her way in first to make sure whoever is visiting meets her first and knows that she is the “better dog”. She will lick your face to prove it, whereas the male takes his time to get to know someone. This female almost always eats first because the male is a picky eater and has to make sure his food isn’t “poisoned “ before he can eat it. While he is being cautious and taking his time the female eats all of her food and tries to steal his, which has resulted in her getting fat and he is still nice and slim and trim since she “has” to eat his food whenever she can. The female I have is not as aggressive as the first female but she is cagey about how she gets to claim more of the “treats” I give her and her younger boyfriend. She will start barking like there is someone at the door and when she gets the male to respond she quickly scarfs down the goodies out of his bowl and if he tries to reclaim his food bowl she threatens to take his head off. Pretty funny sometimes, and sometimes not! She sometimes will just start pacing and you can see the wheels turn in her head as she tries to think of some way to mess with me or him. She can be a real pain in the ass but I do have to appreciate the thought process she goes through trying to trick the male or me into doing what she wants so she can sneakily steal something. When she is really bored she will walk around the house and bark like someone is outside just to stir things up for no reason, I always get the feeling she is laughing when she has Hunter barking at nothing and the cats hiding from nothing. Silly animal!


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