Want To Visit Spain? Hostal Mini Golf is recommended.

I went to Spain for w weeks and I wish I could go back and revisit several of the places I went to. One of them is a nice little coastal motel called Hostal Mini Golf in a town called Los Canos de Meca. It would be over run with tourists if it was in a town at any coast we have here in United States, especially if the town had a climate like San Diego, California like this one does, if not nicer. The rooms are a bit sparse but, when you are staying in a place on a beautiful warm beach and ocean like this place is located, maybe you shouldn’t spend very much time in your room. There are so many restaurants and beautiful locations within walking, or bicycling distance that you shouldn’t really spend any more time in your room more than to sleep.

Hostal Mini Golf - The Courtyard

Hostal Mini Golf – The Courtyard

There is an attractive bar and restaurant on the grounds, it used to be run by the owner of the Hostal and he was a very good cook, but that was enough years ago that I am sure he is retired. But given the perfectionist characteristics of the owner I bet he has someone who knows what they are doing running the place, although I would love to hear from someone who has been there recently.

At the bar at Mini Golf

At the bar at Mini Golf

There are a lot of places you can stay in this beautiful coastal paradise I just find this one more in touch with the character of the town, along with the reason you go on vacation in the first place, which is why I would rather go there again than to stay at one of the “fancier” places you can stay at. Some of those other places have really good bars and restaurants that I encourage you to visit, but they are more like any other nice place to stay – which isn’t bad but it isn’t as charming as the Mini Golf is.

Within a days’ drive are many really cool places to visit in Spain. My reccomendation is to fly into the beautiful city of Sevilla and spend at least a couple of days checking out the wonderful historic buildings, eating the wonderful “sevillain” food and take a horse drawn carraige sighseeing trip through the center of the city. It is only a day from there to Los Canos and along the way Jerez de la frontera and Cadiz. Once you are in canos de meca you can drive to Tarifa which is across from the Rock of Gibraltor  and once there have wonderful Moorish Spanish food.  We found a huge “tapas” bar right at the southernmost tip of the city which had an amazingly huge assortment of local Spanish appetizers and Moorish influenced ones as well. It was the most beautiful 10 foot assortment of wonderful buffet food I have ever seen in my life, platters of fresh cooked beautiful plates of seafood, grilled meats, fresh marinated vegetables. It still makes my moth water, it was like the deli of my dreams so to speak.  Farther down the road you can go see La Alhambra10 Alhambra

which is a majestic combination of a Moorish palace and an old Spanish Fortress that deserves to be ranked as one the “wonders of the world”. This is not including all of the wonderful lovely warm beaches there are in Southern Spain.

Canos Beach in front of La Pirata

This photo was taken from one of the restaurants on the beach of Canos de meca, of which there are a great many. There are beautiful olive trees everywhere and beautiful Andalusian horses grazing in the fields around the area.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in Spain I highly recommend flying into Sevilla and visiting the places between it and Granada for about 10 days, I guaranty you will love it. I hope I will be able to go back there again but if I don’t get to I will always remember this beautiful area of this beautiful country.


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