There wasn’t much in this episode that is unexpected but I have got to say that I didn’t see most of it coming. No surprise Don ran away from his trouble at the start of the episode by going to the local bar and drinking. The unexpected was his getting in a fight and thrown in jail, he usually avoids these kinds of confrontations; obviously his brain had a different agenda for Don as we find out as the episode unfolds. Pete’s mother drowning, and possibly getting murdered, is also not necessarily a shock but once again I didn’t see it coming but it might be a rather fortuitous turn of events as it turns out for Pete. It gets rid of the problem of his having to take care of his mother and allows him to get a new start in a new city, the second of two cities he was talking about moving to as a result of his “good” buddy Bob. Then there is Peggy and Ted, I expected what happened to the two of them and I can’t say I was totally surprised that Ted chose to stay with his wife as his future with Peggy is less than promising, and his wanting to get out of town with his family was a smart choice. It was pretty big of normally self-centered Don to let Ted go save his marriage in California since he had his heart, and Megan’s, set on it. Though he may have also wanted to get her away from him and this solution took care of that without it being his fault. I don’t see that Roger’s daughter has a lot of room to be mad at Roger since she hasn’t seemed to have a lot of use for her father in her life though there may be good reason for that not knowing anything about how much he was there for her when she was growing up. I did find the scene at the end with Joan, Bob and Roger kind of odd, it was nice to see Joan allow Roger to start to have a relationship with his son but more than a little weird for odd Bob to be there. It’s not because I thought that he was gay although he may be, because I think he just came on to Pete to try and get ahead at the firm, but even though Joan is most likely unaware of Bob’s set up of Pete at Chevy to make him look like the clueless car guy that he is but Joan of all people should be able to pick up on subtle male signals. Then again maybe she is picking up on them and finds Bob non-threatening and is using him as a pawn in a game she might be playing. Roger is reacting to Bob as a threat because Joan has let Bob be a part of the family that he longs to be involved in. Joan may be the one person who might actually see Bob for the slimy ambitious worm that I think he probably really is, I don’t see him as being anything but what we have seen at face value. He is a dishonest manipulator who will do anything to get where he wants, oh, I guess that means he fists right in with everyone else! Don should have seen his getting asked to take some time off coming, can he really think he is so irreplaceable when he manages to be late, AWOL, or inappropriate at so many of the meetings with clients? Nobody is that good and especially in this advertising firm which has so many people that are capable of doing each other’s jobs and seem to be able to change accounts easily when things go sour for one person, like Pete taking over when Ken gets shot in the face by Chevy for one of many examples of admen changing clients in midstream. I thought it was a very humble and human touch to have Don take his children to see where he grew up and I think he might get a little of his daughter back by his allowing her to see some of his soft underbelly. The first episode of the new season has a lot of expectations to live up to with all of this action in the last episode of the season. I have to say though that I really find the constant wishy washy changing one’s mind 3 times in an episode without ever acknowledging it to be a little disconcerting. I mean first Pete is moving to Detroit, then he if moving to California, I know why he changed but why doesn’t anyone else want to know why? Then there is the “who gets to go to California” contest, first Stan offers to go to Don and Don tells him it is crappy job, then Don decides he wants it, then Ted tells Peggy they will take it so they can be together, then Ted tells Don he wants it so he can take his family there and save his marriage. Why doesn’t someone ever call anyone on all the mind changing that goes on every episode?


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