I really love good food! I am everything I cook and everything I eat and over the years I have amassed a ridiculous amount of recipes, either in the form of the multitude of cookbooks I have or loose leaf recipes cut out of magazines and newspapers. I have pages of handwritten recipes that I originally typed on index cards and then transferred them to an excel spreadsheet program. These recipes are all of the ones I “stole” over the years, recipes that I made up after I went to a restaurant and fell in love with a dish and had to make it at home. I have had the ability for about 30 years to taste a dish and exactly duplicate it so those duplications of meals I’ve had at various restaurants of all kinds in many locations are part of the recipes I have created as recipes that I liked but felt they needed some “tweaking”, usually either to add or take out ingredients but also to take out steps and simplify the preparation, these make up most of the recipes I have created as well as a few that I just wanted something that I couldn’t find a recipe for so I made one. There are a great many recipes that I recreated from restaurants that are now out of business and I can’t go to them to eat those favorite dishes so I am now very grateful that I recreated those recipes so I can enjoy the dishes as well as recreate the memories of eating in those favorite restaurants when I was much younger and ate out a lot more than I do now. I have two dogs and several cats that make up my family and I feel guilty leaving them at home and going out to eat so I don’t. I know they own me and that’s alright with me because they love me and don’t talk back much! I decided it is time to consolidate all of these into one location, on my computer in the form of an organized cook book that I can just take out and easily look up a recipe. Just open up one cookbook that has my several hundred favorite recipes from the last 40 years, that way I can get rid of my blue notebook with hundreds of loose recipes that threaten to fall out every time I pick it up as well as my metal recipe card box crammed so full with index cards I have to take them out in order to look through them and last but not least my collection of 40 or more cookbooks that I only use 1 or 2 recipes out of most of them and none out of some of them and only one or 2 that I use often enough to keep. I have a feeling that they will more than last me for the next 20 years along with all of the things that I don’t need a recipe to cook. There are recipes for all kinds of cuisines, enough to make almost any “foodie” very satisfied.  I started cooking dinner for my family when I was in Junior High and some of the things I that I cooked were quite simple foods but some were fairly ambitious but as I have gotten older simple to make has won out more often than not, but simple just means the recipes are fairly easy to prepare, not that they are simple in their flavors. I decided if I haven’t made a recipe yet I am probably not going to and I am a lot more likely to go to one of my hundreds of favorite recipes which I can barely find time to cook than I am to cook one of the untried recipes. It sure has made me hungry to do all of this typing of recipes into my computer but it will be worth it when I am done. Food is the number one pleasure we all can share with each other and nothing feels much better than having a dinner party for 6 of my best friends and having them enraptured of the wonderful flavor sensations I have served them, how else can you get six people excited about the same thing at the same time? J Please try some of my recipes and tell me if you like them! I will post some of my personal favorites on my blog and I hope you enjoy them. I am going to start posting a recipe or 2 a day to see if I can get some feedback on my lifetime favorite recipes


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