Everyone in the madman world are finally having to pay the piper and I suspect it is going to get a whole lot worse if everyone gets what is coming to them, Unfortunately I have a feeling that hell may not reign down on the worst offenders as much as the lesser ones will probably have to pay. I am pretty sure it is Don’s fault that Harry doesn’t know that Don agreed to drop Sunkist, although Don would never admit that, when he calls Don at home and tells him that Sunkist is willing to spend some real advertising dollars with their firm. Pete is so transparent in his volunteering to take to Chevy account from Ken, but that is right in character. So then when Ted finds out that Sunkist is going to pay way more than the Ocean Spray account, the account that Don told Ted in the previous episode he would defer to him on, obviously an untruth, and in the words of Gomer Pyle “surprise, surprise, surprise” not! But of course in the end money talks and you know what walks! As for the Bob developments I find them highly inventive and amusing. Pete wanted to get rid of Bob because he came on to him and now everyone wants to keep him, a Machiavellian twist to say the least. Pete is already experienced in people not being what they appear to be through Don so he isn’t as floored by Bob’s unreal identity as a “normal” person might react but it is a conundrum to say the least. Ted and Peggy are way too happy for them to be able to continue on this way. Ted is obviously feeling guilty or he wouldn’t tolerate Don’s accusation that his feelings towards Peggy aren’t just because she is “that good”. Don seems to be drifting into the darkness he so richly deserves, his daughter doesn’t want to see him after she saw him literally with his pants down, and if he had talked to her more than to just try to secure form her not to rat on him that scenario might have played out differently but because Don seems to only be looking out for Don he didn’t have the foresight to see that maybe he should have reached out and told Sally he regretted what he did that she saw him do with Silvia.   I guess that would mean he would have had to admit he did something wrong and he isn’t very forthcoming in making those kinds of confessions. The figures I see as good in this show are Joan, Stan, Ginsberg and Ken, and maybe Peggy though she is a less innocent than she used to be. I don’t recall any of these figures trying to screw their fellow workers over in any major way, will the good win out in the end here? Peggy is kind of in the middle and Ted and Roger are each a little closer to Don than they are to anyone else. Roger would be as sneaky as Don if he were that smart but he is not and in this case I would have to say smarter is not necessarily a virtue. Wouldn’t that make a nice ending episode for the best people to come out ahead? I didn’t say they were all that good but there are several that are a lot better than the rest. I see something very dark happening in the final episode for this season, perhaps a much deserved fall from grace for several of the cast? I was very amazed that I was able to recognize that the song they played at the end of the episode was by the Monkees from the movies “Head”, maybe I lived through the 60’s and still have my brain! And as for foreshadowing the Head intro had a man tumbling off of a building just like in the Madman introduction. Coincidence, I think not!


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