I really find this television show entertaining but Don’s constant womanizing has really been getting to me. I found the episode in which they took the “Jaguar” rep to a “whorehouse” such a prime example of what a hypocritical asshole he is. I found Don to have a lot of nerve to lecture Pete for fooling around in his marriage after Pete slept with a hooker (and Don chose not to probably because of his own weird relationship with growing up with whorehouses) when they were riding home in a taxi afterwards awfully ridiculous. First, because he would even have the nerve to give anyone a bad time for sleeping with anyone besides their wife since he sleeps around on his wives and mistresses constantly. Secondly, because he made a bald face lie about if he had met Meghan first he wouldn’t have fooled around, since he married her and then sleeps with Silvia, this is doing something differently?  Is he lying to himself as well as everyone else? When Don’s daughter sees him in the throes of having sex with Silvia he is caught red handed, and yet he has the nerve not to apologize to his poor daughter who still had managed to look up to him up until this point and possibly still will because children want to look up to their parents, oftentimes even when the parents don’t deserve it. What a complete sleaze Don is! He already has an amazing ability to change lies in the middle of the stream at the drop of his hat so to speak, like the time he quit Jaguar and just as everyone was jumping on him for being such a self-centered jerk he grabs on to Roger’s announcement of having Chevy as a prospective new client as if Don actually had anything to do with it, he so easily slides from flip flopping whatever direction pleases him at any moment. He is the epitome of the sleaziest used car salesman I could ever imagine. He does the most flip flopping of any character on the show and when I read people saying how much they like him it totally floors me as he is the worst example of morality of anyone on the show, at least I can remember Pete screwing up with the neighbor gal one time and a couple of hookers and not every woman he meets like Don seems to do, Don may not use hookers but he doesn’t seem to treat the women he does bed any better than a hooker.



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