I think this is an interesting and well done show but isn’t the “main man” really a chauvinistic womanizing pig who is an asshole to other men as well as all of the women in his life? I keep trying to come up with any redeeming characteristics and I can’t seem to find any for him. He is not nice to anyone, except his children, unless he wants something out of them. The more I watch this season’s episodes it seems like Don is becoming an even bigger jerk than he already was. He uses and abuses everyone around him, am I missing something here? He is not the only man in the office who is a creep but he is by far the biggest creep, partly because he is so calculating about all the conniving things he does. Roger doesn’t have any particularly great characteristics but he isn’t a serial womanizer and doesn’t constantly scheme to undermine other people in the office like Don, probably partly because he doesn’t seem to smart enough to do that but in this case that might not be a bad thing. Pete can be sleazy but he also show some morals and conscience now and then which is more than I can say about Don or Roger. The woman in the office are heads and bodies above the men in scruples, usually woman are portrayed as the “catty” ones in the office but in this series the “witches” is the office are men and not women.


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