I Have Charcot Marie Tooth And I Want To Live!

I went on Facebook and put in the disease I have, Charcot Marie Tooth, and I found a man in England that has a girlfriend with CMT and he wants to make a documentary about this disease. He posted his project on Kickster. He got hardly any views and no support. Zach Braff, who could probably have funded his movie project without any help got all of the funding he wanted in 4 days. What does this say about people, or maybe the best question is what does this say about what people value?

The movie Zach Braff was funding is a movie he could have got funded by traditional sources and he didn’t want to take orders from someone else. That is fine and he has every right to ask for his project to be funded.

The project that the man who was trying to do a documentary about because his girlfriend has CMT is not known, not famous so the money people have to spend to make a movie was spent on a frivolous project well before it was spent on a project that might save people’s lives.

Maybe I have my priorities screwed up, but I don’t think so, but why would so many people give their money to fund a “fluff” project before they would fund something that really would save real people’s lives?

Check this site out if you want to save someone’s life:



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