Alcohol Is The Most Dangerous Drug!

I come from a dysfunctional family in which alcohol played a part in the dysfunctionality of it. But I have always felt that my family members that were, and are alcoholics, is that they used alcohol as a crutch to able to live with how screwed up they were as human beings. They weren’t screwed up because they were alcoholics they were alcoholics because they couldn’t live with how screwed  up they were as human beings. But something that i am having a hard time dealing with is a friend of mine that I have known for almost 40 years that is solely screwed up because he is an alcoholic and it seems like such a stupid thing to allow yourself to let it ruin your life, yet he just got out of the hospital for near liver and kidney failure because of drinking excessively for most of his adult life. He didn’t drink like my mom and stepfather which they did because my step father molested his blood daughter and two stepdaughters as young teenagers and my mother who allowed him to do it until I went to her and demanded that she stop it, my friend just drank because he had inherited the disease of alcoholism. It seems amazing to me that you could throw your life away like that but obviously it is something that true genetic alcoholics don’t have any control over. Having never been an addict I don’t understand the disease, when I was a teen aged kid I tried cigarettes and all they made me do was cough and feel dizzy so I never smoked enough to form a habit, though my younger sister did. I have an inherited neuropathic disease that has made me disabled for my whole life so I have a  very hard time understanding people choosing to be disabled when I would do anything to have normal bodily functions so it is very hard to understand how someone who has a normal body can choose to let themselves be disabled by something they can choose not to do. But I guess that is the rub, they apparently cannot choose not to drink! From the experiences I have had through the years of growing up in the era of marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal drugs I have seen far more people disabled by alcohol than all of the illegal drugs combined. That seems like a sad state of affairs that the only legal drug is more dangerous than all of the illegal ones!


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