The Dog Who Hated To Have His Picture Taken!

Tuffy Just Realizing There Is A Camera Looking At Him.

Tuffy Just Realizing There Is A Camera Looking At Him.

When I was recently going through old Super 8 home movies I ran across one of our little “Papillion” named “Tuffie, as big of a misnomer that his name might have been since he was less than 10 pounds. He might have thought that he was tough in his own mind, as little dogs sometimes do, but he fell far short of being tough in my mind. He was the third dog our family had. We had two other small dogs before this one, the first one was also called Tuffie also so I am going to guess since I was not quite 3 when Tuffie “1” was around and my sister wasn’t even born yet that Tuffie II was named by my mother. Between Tuffie I, who was a Pomeranian,  and Tuffie II, who was a Papillion, my parents bought a registered but not show quality Papillion from a lady in our state who raised Papillion’s, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Saint Bernard’s. Talk about a range of sizes, from almost the tiniest of breeds to almost the largest of breeds, Bea Knight from Sanctuary Woods in Gunther Oregon was quite the lady! The dog between Tuffy I and II was officially named Sanctuary Woods By Golly, or BG as we called him. He looked like a bandit, he had black around both of his eyes and he was a very protective little guy when it came to my sister and I, he bit more than one little kid on the ass as they ran to get out of our back yard and he wouldn’t let our stepfather get near our mother without growling at him, in retrospect now I have to wonder if that little dog knew what evil our step father would do to us in the future. Unfortunately BG got out of our car when we were going boating at a local lake and got hit by a car when he was not even quite a year old. My little sister really freaked out so my parents went back to Sanctuary Woods with my little sister and I to see a new litter of puppies that they had. Well the only two pups left for sale in the litter consisted of a male that Bea wanted to sell as a stud for $200 and a defective pup that only had one eye working that she was willing to sell very cheap. My little sister really wanted the one eyed pup, which began her attraction towards the “runts of the litter” she had for the rest of her life which I have always wondered if it hadn’t sort of started with the fact that I was born handicapped and I was her older sister and we used to be the best of friends until recently when our dysfunctional childhoods took over her ability to function and has torn us apart much to my dismay.  My parents didn’t want to pay $200 and they didn’t want a one eyed puppy so they put us in the car and we started driving off. My little sister had a fit and was screaming and crying, my parents gave in and went back and made a deal to buy the male puppy for a cheaper price providing they didn’t get him neutered and that Bea could bring females to breed to him after he grew up. This provides more stories than anyone probably wants to hear but suffice it to say that he was very much “in lust” with our stuffed animals as he got older, which we didn’t fully understand at the time and thought it was equally funny and disgusting. Tuffie wasn’t really that tough but he was a lot of fun to tease for us kids. When we would go camping my little sister and I would ride in the camper along with the dog and we would take turns holding his tail while the other one would blow in his face and he would act like he was going to kill, though in retrospect I think he knew it was a game because if he had really bitten either of us we would have probably let his tail go, in fact I know we would have. As he got older he developed an aversion to having his picture taken. Once he figured out there was a camera pointed at him he would put his tail between him legs and slink off. I guess he believed it was going to “steal his soul” so to speak, ha ha! He especially hated the movie camera that our stepfather had, maybe it was because of the noise it made and when I was watching the old movies it brought back my memories of Tuffie getting freaked out and slinking off every time a camera came out, only with a still camera I could get the before or after reaction and not the in between one when he went from tail up to tail down! Funny things animals and people are!



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