The Night The Bathroom Door Came Crashing In

One evening when I was 16 and my sister was 13, we were living a few miles out of the small town my family had been moved to a year before that, my stepfather’s real daughter and her husband were at the house visiting and after dinner they sat around in the living room drinking wine and talking. My sister and I were bored and asked if we could borrow the car and drive down to the local hangout in town until it got dark. It was summertime and it didn’t get dark until around 10:00 and it was only 7:00 when we asked to leave. They said yes so I drove us the four miles to the town and we hung out with the teenager that lived on the main street of the town that had just graduated from high school and had rented a trailer house to live and party in. We stayed and flirted with the guys until a bit longer than dark, it was probably about half an hour. When we got home the lights were out inside the house and everyone was in bed.  We were thinking we were lucky because then no one could get mad at us for being a little late. The only problem was is that we couldn’t see where we were going. We managed to go upstairs to where our bedrooms were, Brenda and Dennis were sleeping in the family room downstairs on the fold out couch. We first went in to the bathroom to brush our teeth and go to the bathroom before we went to bed. We were giggling because even though we were trying to be so quiet it seemed like we were making a lot of noise because it was so quiet in the house. Pretty soon mom yelled out for us to be quiet and we didn’t say anything but we did giggle a little more. Then in a few more minutes we heard “I told you guys to be quiet” and we turned to look and mom was standing at the bathroom door and her hair was all messed up from her being in bed. We looked at her at started laughing at her messy hair, she told us to go to bed. We told her we would. We finished brushing our teeth and looked over to see our stepfather standing at the door and he said “Your mother told you to be quiet and go to bed.” For some reason my sister, who was on standing by the bathroom door said “We will, good night” and then she shut the door. We heard a thump against the door and then another one and my sister quickly jumped away from the door and hid behind me. The third thump brought the door wide opened having been punched off of its hinges by our stepfather. We just stood there terrified and he just looked at us and said “you better do what your mother asked you to do” and then he turned and went back to bed. We got really quiet and went to bed immediately. The next morning when we got up they were at the kitchen table drinking coffee with Brenda and Dennis. Nobody said anything for a while. A little later when my sister and I got a chance to talk to Brenda and Dennis alone they asked us what happened. We told them. Later on in the day Brenda told us that her dad had told her that when he got mad at us for not doing what mom had said and knocked the door off the hinges that we had such terrified looks on our faces it was all he could do to keep from laughing. He was also mad at himself for doing it because he was going to have to out the door back on the hinges. She also said that she asked Dennis if she should go up and see if everything was alright and he said “hell no stay down here.”  In a few years we would laugh about the event but not that day!


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