Hunter Gives The Best Foot Massages I’ve Ever Had

I have a beautiful 130 pound wolf dog that I love to death and he feels the same way about me. I have a disability which he knows I have and he gives me extra love and support when he senses I need it. The most wonderful thing he does for me is he demands that I give him my feet to bathe with his big tongue and he will spend 15 minutes grooming my feet and it feels like a person taking my feet and massaging them and it feels wonderful. The disease I have makes my feet sort of numb feeling and they are very painful sometimes and when he takes m feet and gently licks them it relaxes the nerves in them and feels just like a gentle massage from a human. It amazes me that he recognizes that my feet really need what he is doing and how good it feels to have him massage them for me, I have never had a human spend so much time doing this or do as good a job as he does. I know it is part of the social relationship he has with me being he is 80 % wolf and he is treating me like I am a member of his pack but I am the only person he does this for and I truly feel he knows that his massaging my feet is something that is very good for me and it makes him feel special as well as he knows he is pleasing me. I consider this a truly special symbiotic relationship, my side of it is I love and feed him and I give him ear massages that he gets a truly blissful expression when I am gently massaging his ears, kind of the same way I feel when he massages my feet. This is a true win win relationship.




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