GREEN BEANS, POTATOES AND PORK-Making food for picky eaters!

I love food, all kinds of food, but I have had to “deal” with people who don’t love all kinds of food and many who won’t or haven’t ever tried more foods than they have already tried before I have met them. I will say that I have “turned” a great many people that I have cooked for to try things they thought they didn’t like, most of the time it was because they had never been offered the dishes I served them and once they were they found a whole new world of food they didn’t know existed.  I will not pretend that I understand this or would ever be “with” someone who is not open to eating all varieties of edible treasures and cuisines from all over the world but I have been forced to deal with the spouses of people in my family that I love and have “special occasion” meals with so I have learned which foods even the most picky eaters will eat and have come to the conclusion that almost all people will eat green beans, potatoes and pork. So as much as I dislike cooking for people who are very limited in their food choices I would rather serve something to those people that they are likely to eat rather than say screw off and don’t eat what I am serving. Green beans are very good and can be served in a number of ways that are easy and quite good to eat. A simple way to serve them that a lot of “picky” eaters have never tried but almost always seem to like in my experience is to take already cooked green beans and toss them with a little salt, fresh ground pepper, sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds. Potatoes are pretty much universally liked by everyone in some form and safe but not boring is to take fresh steamed red potatoes and mix them with some butter, salt, fresh ground pepper and chopped parsley and it satisfies me and almost everyone else that I have served them to. Pork is one of the most versatile meats there is and pretty much everyone other than a vegetarian likes some cut of pork. I have found that every time I make “Chinese” style barbequed pork I almost never have any leftovers and it is easy and inexpensive to make and fairly expensive to order at a restaurant which seems to appeal to the people I serve it to. To make good “Chinese” style barbeque pork can be as easy as buying the marinade at an oriental market or mixing up your own marinade at home from almost any simple recipe for it you can find off of the internet. Add some freshly made hot mustard and toasted sesame seeds to dip the meat in and you are set.  This combination has never failed to please even the most “pickiest” eaters I have been “forced” to cater to.  Bon Apetit!


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