Healthy Chili or Tacos

You can take almost any meal your family likes and make a healthy version of it. It is not that hard to do and you can’t afford not to do it. I really like dishes with lots of spices in them no matter what the cuisine. Stews, Soups, Casseroles and any other meal that is a one pot meal can be converted to a healthy one using the main spicing and ingredients in the original dish. For instance I love chili, and anything that tastes like chili because if it tastes like chili it is chili! For most people if it tastes like chili It is chili and they aren’t going to be concerned with the ingredients if it tastes good. You can use almost any meat you like to make chili because once you add the spices and chilies that make the dish a chili product no one can usually discern what you have used and they enjoy it because it tastes good. You can substitute so many ingredients when you make chili that the only element that should stop you is if you don’t add the very few necessary ingredients! I have made chili using beef, pork, and chicken and when done properly the only thing that anyone can really discern between the different meats are the texture and there is no way they taste any different if the dish is spiced properly. Spicing it properly is also very easy and works the same no matter what meat you use. I heat a small amount of olive oil in a skillet along with minced garlic and onions, and when it is hot I add whatever meat I am going to use and I make sure it is liberally coated with cumin, chili powder or paprika, black pepper and salt and place it in the pan with the oil that has been heated up with the garlic and onions. When the meat has browned nicely I add a can of spiced tomatoes and green chilies. When this mixture has reduced a little and I feel the meat is thoroughly cooked I add the starch of my choice, it can be corn or hominy or rice, and and then I add vegetables. I am particularly fond of the combination of shredded cabbage, broccoli stems, and carrots but there is no right or wrong as after all of the ingredients simmer together in the cumin and chili powder sauce everything tastes like the savory mixture you started with. Then I either serve it as chili with some home-made tortilla chips or I simmer it down to be a taco filling, using either soft corn or crispy tortillas or nice fluffy flour ones. It won’t bother anyone how healthy the filling is once it becomes a savory blend of chilies, vegetables and meat once it tastes wonderful and it couldn’t be simpler to make!


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