Alcohol Versus Marijuana – Part Two

I am in favor of legalizing marijuana and having growers pay taxes like everyone else has to do when they make money. Weed is way too lucrative a crop being illegal than it ever would be if it were to be legal to grow. If it were legal more people would grow it, the price would go down, and even some of the allure of using it would disappear. So why wouldn’t everyone want it to be legal like its most dangerous legal cousin “alcohol”, they are first cousins as they are both used for the very same reason, to dim reality and pain, so why is one better than the other? It is and it isn’t. Alcohol is actually far more dangerous, marijuana when used casually involves smoking it and that has cancer causing effects, but the real difference is that when you smoke marijuana you only get so “high” and with alcohol you can keep drinking it until you become a blithering “still walking” idiot and then that blithering idiot gets in a car and drives and is essentially “driving blind”. That doesn’t happen with marijuana as well as marijuana doesn’t make you aggressive, ever, as alcohol frequently does to the people who are “addicted” to it, and yes they are addicted because why else would AA exist? I have never ever heard of someone getting high and beating someone up, it just doesn’t happen, period. I have been watching the show “Weed Country” and I had initially hoped it would show the reasons that marijuana should be legal and instead it is ridiculous. It is another stupid “reality TV” show and it is just as stupid as all of the rest of them. I am highly disappointed, I was hoping they would show the reality of what is going in this country regarding the use of marijuana instead of the stupidity of the average person, it is very sad. They show a “circus” world of actors in their drama. There is the couple with the straight looking “boss” of the operation with a stereotypical “hippie” wife, it is right out of a comic book, I grew up knowing this lady and unfortunately she really does exist and I have met several women just like her. My feeling is that is you want to justify marijuana being legal all you have to do is show the difference in the kind of impact alcohol has on families and society against the impact of families with marijuana being the major drug. I guarantee that you are going to see many more horrible incidents caused by alcohol than by use of marijuana. Now this would be a real “reality show”, alcohol versus marijuana, alcohol would win hands down! That is not a win to be proud of!


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