I Had A Blast At Expo ’86 in Vancouver, Canada!

When I turned 19 my boyfriend and I drove 8 hours from where we lived in Eugene, Oregon to celebrate my birthday in Vancouver,Canada because he was 21 and we wanted to go out to a fancy bar and restaurant for my birthday, legally since the drinking age is 21 in Oregon and 19 in Canada. We had a great time and we ate at some really good restaurants and visited some awesome regal old Hotels. When I read that the World Fair in 1986 was going to be held there I was determined I was going to go. I figured it was probably the closest the World Fair was going to be held near to where I lived for a long time if not for the rest of my life and I really loved Vancouver when I went and visited there that one time. So I started asked around among my friends as to who might be interested in taking a four or five day trip there to go to EXPO 86. I got a lot of maybe’s but not too many people who would give me a firm commitment and from what I had been reading about how many people were likely to attend I knew that in order to go I needed to make all of the arrangements for Hotel to stay at within walking distance of the Fair several months before we went. I finally got a firm commitment from my sister and her husband and a good friend that I had known for about ten years, my boyfriend wasn’t interested but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from going. I am a very good vacation planner and I had a nice trip planned for the four of us that started on July 1 and we would spend the first evening in Seattle as three of us had to work half a day on the day we left so that would get us into Seattle around 6:00 where we could go out to dinner at our favorite restaurant there and then get a good night sleep and arrive in Vancouver in time to spend a couple of hours scoping out The EXPO site, I read that late afternoon was the least busy time to go there, I had gotten us three day passes that were cheaper that going for two single days admission, before we spent the next two days exploring the whole fair all day. We checked into our hotel that was within walking distance of the fair as was advertised and walked down and spent a few hours looking at the sites and setting aim on the things that looked the most interesting to explore the next day. There had been an advertisement for a service that you could call up and tell them where you were staying and what kind of food you wanted and they would give you the name of a restaurant to walk to so we called them up and told them we wanted steak and seafood and sure enough there was a great restaurant right around the corner. We ended up using the service for the next two nights as well and all the recommended restaurants were great. I had gotten one double bed room for the quick night we spent in Seattle and two rooms for the 3 nights in Vancouver, one with two beds for Terry and I and another room for my sister and her husband. The Hotel we were staying in had a decent bar and restaurant if we wanted to eat or drink something “very convenient”. The four of us walked down to the Fair the next morning after we had breakfast together at the hotel and spent part of the day looking at exhibits together and then went our separate ways to see the exhibits that we each were personally interested in. Terry and I’s plan was to see the really big exhibits we wanted to see first, there were only a few “had to see” of those, like the Egyptian exhibit of things from the tomb of King Ramses II and the Chinese Pavilion was very large and we also wanted to see the huge panoramic theatre and technology center. Those were the ones we noticed had the largest lines also on our two hour quick tour when we first arrived. So Terry and I went to the really popular ones when we saw the lines were short and then stopped at whatever countries pavilions were easy to get into after that. We had snacks and drinks in between. We had arranged to meet my sister and her husband at the

EXPO Theatre for a LoverBoy concert at 6:00 and then walked back to the motel together and ate a restaurant we got another recommendation for. The second restaurant was just as good an Italian place and after we ate we went. When we got done eating we drove to a fireworks celebration at the tallest building in Vancouver that had all glass elevators that kind of freaked my sister and I out when we looked down. The view of the city was amazing and the fireworks were very good. The next day was our last day at the Fair as we would need to get on the road the next morning fairly early to make it back home in one day and pick up my sister and brother-in-laws kids from their grandparents on the way. Once again we had breakfast at the hotel and walked to the fair and went our separate ways again. Terry and I got the big two exhibits we wanted to see done by noon so we spent the rest of the day popping in and out of a lot of the smaller countries offering and ate a bunch of ethnic offerings of foods from several small vendors. We got back to our room about 5 and took a shower and my sister and her husband were still not back by around 6:30 so we called and got a recommendation for an oriental restaurant around the corner and left a note of their hotel room door telling where we were going if they wanted to join us. As we were getting off the elevator in the lobby my sister and her husband were just getting in from the fair. My sister look bedraggled and pissed off. The phrase she looked like something the cat dragged in came to my mind but I didn’t say anything. We told them what we were doing but from the way my sister looked I didn’t expect to see them. Terry and I laughed a little at how much un-fun my sister looked like she was having. Much to my surprise they showed up about half an hour later and we had a fabulous meal and a good time. My sister told us during dinner, when her husband went to the bathroom, that he had tried to make almost every exhibit at the fair for the two days that Terry and only went to the big ones and then just the ones that were not busy after that. She said she wished that they had done that but her husband was on a mission to see everything. My sister was actually fairly pissed off at him for running her ragged for several weeks after that. We went back to our hotel where my sister proceeded to get very drunk to get her hostility worked out I guess. We all got pretty buzzed and started home the next morning with a bit of a hangover but all we had to do was sit in the car and drive 8 hours so it was a pretty non eventful trip home. I had a great time and have very fond memories of the trip, I think if you were to ask my sister I think she is still pissed off at her now ex-husband! Sweet memories!

My sister and brother in law and me

My sister and brother in law and me


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