Children and Cats!

I have no children and never will but I have a sister that had three children and I was privileged to be a big part of their life and help raise them. The two cats I had in 2001 I had adopted after my nephews spent time with me so their first indoctrination to children was to my nephew Cisco’s son Dylan during Christmas in 2001 when Dylan was a year old. The cats were living with me the previous Christmas I hosted but Dylan was a baby and couldn’t walk yet so they didn’t meet him. During the Christmas Eve celebration I hosted in 2001 my two young cats got introduced my now walking and talking nephew’s child Dylan. They laid on the bed and let him pet them and then later on in the evening Dylan came walking out of the bedroom carrying my male cat cat Mojo by the neck, Mojo just hung there as we all rushed in to show Dylan that this was not the proper way to carry a cat. I was very happy that Mojo choose not to use his claws to get out of Dylan’s grasp of him because he easily could have done so. This was the first and last time he ever got carried by a child. Every time after this when I hosted our family parties no one ever saw my cats. Imagine that!

Dylan's First & Last Cat Kiss!

Dylan’s First & Last Cat Kiss!


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