I have been going through family photos and have found I have a lot of good memories as well as a lot of bad ones upon going through them. The good far outweighs the bad but I am amazed at how many strange events have gone on in my family. I hope this is not normal. When I started to buy a house together with my best friend in 1990 we started having Christmas at my house because after our Christmas experience in 1989 led to my stepfather calling me up on the phone a day after Christmas and telling me that my dog chewed some branches off of one the Rhododendron bushes they had and he was really pissed off about it. I first told him I couldn’t imagine why my dog would have done this as she was not a stick dog or particularly destructive, they live on 63 acres that she was free to roam on so why would she chew up a bush in their front yard? But I politely apologized anyway and said if she did it I was sorry.  My private thoughts were “It was only a bush and there was only a couple of branches ruined”, but I didn’t say that. Later on in the evening my stepfather called me back and told me he found out that my two nephews had destroyed the two branches on the stupid plant and he was sorry that he accused my dog. I told him that I never thought my dog did it but I also thought it was ridiculous that he was so upset by such a trivial thing. That was the reason I wanted Christmas to be held at my house because stupid incidents like this have no place in loving your family on Christmas.


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