Another Screwed Up Family Story

There are so many strange incidents that have happened in my family I will never be able to remember or record them all and that is probably a good thing. My stepfather is a very odd person and most of the strange stories in my family life revolve around him. My mother and my stepfather used to baby sit, I am absolutely sure it was her idea and not his, my nephews when they were young and they just loved to play with the hassock my parents had to place your feet on when sitting in my mother’s favorite chair. They beat it up pretty good over the few years they were young boys and because my stepfather always has to blame someone for something when it finally fell apart after 10 years he deemed it the fault of my sister’s kids. It really shouldn’t have mattered as it was probably a $30 piece of furniture to begin with but my stepfather had to find blame for everything even if it was free. So one Christmas after the hassock was so screwed up it could no longer be used my stepfather wrapped it up and let my sister open it as a Christmas present. I assume the reason was to let her know he blamed her for her children ruining it. How much more screwed up of a person could he be, after already molesting my sister and I as young teenagers and we forgave him and then he does this? Am I missing something? I don’t think so. I think my sister and I are lucky to even have something close to a normal life after growing with this freak for a stepfather and the freak for a mother we had that let him do the screwed things he did. I am left to wonder how we even got out alive sometimes!

The Infamous Footstool!

The Infamous Footstool!


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