What Is A Hero? I Don’t Know But Gordon Lightfoot Is One Of Mine!

I have never really idolized anyone, which I have always thought needs to happen for you to call someone a hero. The closest person I know to a hero is a man called Gordon Lightfoot. He is the equivalent of a knight in his native country of Canada. He was very well known in the United States during the 1970’s, he had several big hits on the radio and had some of his songs recorded by the likes of the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Elvis and Bob Dylan. He has rarely performed anyone else’s song but after having written over 400 songs when would he have time to perform anyone else’s songs?

I first saw him perform in concert in 1974 when I was just 14 with my parents. He was in his “heyday” I think that is the right terminology. He had several hits that played on the radio. Back then there was no differentiation between rock, folk or whatever, if it was popular it was all played on the same radio station. Gordon wore blue jeans with “hippie” patches on them and sang with the most beautiful voice I had ever heard and still can’t be beat if you look up all of the wonderful songs he has recorded. The hits are good, “Sundown”, “If you could read my mind”, “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald”, but when you listen to his catalog of songs you find he has written and sung about almost every subject out there.
I had seen Gordon perform twice after the first time in 1974 with my parents and with some friends. My sister and I really liked Gordon Lightfoot and thought he was a very sensual and sexual artist and decided the fourth time we had the opportunity to go and see him perform we would appreciate him more if we went by ourselves and didn’t take our boyfriends like the last time we went and saw him because they didn’t appreciate him the same way we did. After the concert we walked up to the stage and asked the first guy whose attention we could get if we could get Gordon’s autograph and he said yes and gave us backstage passes. The year was 1990 and when we went backstage we got autographs as well as an invitation to come next door at the bar of the hotel the band was staying at from Gordon Lighfoot himself so of course we took him up on the offer. I felt very privileged to have gotten this invitation, I am sure that my sister and I being cute and dressed in black mini skirts helped get us the invitation but once we met them at the bar they couldn’t have been more polite and really neat guys than they were. We got to visit with Gordon and all of the members of the band and when the bar closed we were invited to got to the hotel room of one of them with several of them and a couple more female guests that were also invited. We had a very delightful time and I became very good friends with one of the band members, one of his parents’ was having serious health problems and we had a very good time talking with each other. He gave me his phone number, the same one he still has 23 years later where he lives with his girlfriend now, and we began a very cool friendship that continues to this day as I saw the band perform last night on their “50th” year Carefree Highway Tour. I don’t really know what a hero is but these lovely gentleman and their lovely captain, Gordon Lightfoot, are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I treasure all the memories of seeing them perform all 15 times that I have seen them. There is a reason he is a national treasure of Canada!
Me and Gordon Lightfoot!

Me and Gordon Lightfoot!


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