In December of 1991 I went through the absolutely weirdest experience of my life and if I hadn’t lived through it I might have trouble believing what happened. My roommate at that time was friend who had been my boyfriend when I was 16 years old until I was 18, which was from the summer of 1974 to 1976. After we quit going out together as boyfriend and girlfriend we continued to be best friends and still are to this day. Through the years we have been platonic roommates several times as well as becoming partners in buying each of our first house together as friends in 1991 and we were living as roommates in 1990 when one of the strangest, if not the strangest, experiences I have ever had occur in my entire life. Because I have known Aaron since I was 16 and he was 18, the year after he graduated from high school and he was working full time in his first job when I met him and it was during the summer after my Junior year in High School and Aaron was living with one of his lifelong good friends in an apartment and so they had a lot of buddies that they had been friends with throughout school that came by their apartment to visit and party with. So I met all of their friends and began lifelong friendships with many of them as well. There was a group of us that spent the most time together, Aaron (of course) his good friend Scott W. who was his roommate that he had gone to school with and had lived in the same neighborhood as since they were in grade school, Robin who had been friends with the two of them since Junior High and had worked with Scott W. at the local cannery for a couple summers, Steve who had also gone to grade school through high school with Scott W. and Aaron, Scott F. who had also gone to school with Aaron, Scott W. and Steve who he had lived two houses away from when they were growing up. There were several other friends also, there was Steve’s brother John who was the guy who introduced me to Aaron in the first place (the eventual story about this person has the making of a horror film which I will go into later), there were a couple other buddies of Aaron and Scott’s that they went to school with also and a friend they made working at the local cannery named Derek. They all came over to the apartment that Aaron and Scott W. lived in, it was composed of a downstairs with a kitchen and living room and a small patio/yard outside of that ground floor and the upstairs was where the bedrooms and the bathroom was. This was the “happening place” for everyone to come to. Most of these guys who had known each since grade school or junior high were still living at home so Aaron and Scott had the “cool place” to party at because they were both working and were renting their own apartment. Most of us became friends for life and did lots of things together through the years no matter who we were dating or living with, we were the “three musketeers” plus a few more. I still have one of them for a best friend, who was my first real boyfriend when I was 16, and I remained in contact with almost all of the rest of these guys. One of these friend was both my friend and my ex-boyfriend who eventually became my roommate for many years, and after he joined the army he would come visit us on leave whenever he had it.  When he finally got out of the army and started to attend college, which was the main reason he joined the army as his family couldn’t afford to send him to it. My ex-boyfriend roommate and I allowed him to be our roommate when he got out of the army and came home. We were renting a three bedroom house so there was an extra bedroom. I knew he came from a very dysfunctional family and through the years he had told me a lot of the bad things that had happened in his family. Things that he needed to talk to someone about and I understood that having come from my own dysfunctional family. He had a really cool jet boat and the three of us roommates and my sister used to go to various lakes nearby in the summer and would barbeque shrimp and other delights on a smoky joe barbeque we would set up on a board on the bough of the boat in the middle of the water. We got a lot of funny looks until people got close enough to see what we were doing and then we got jealous looks. We had a lot of fun. Eventually Steve moved out and moved in with a friend of ours, a new friend, and they began a very tempestuous roommate relationship. During the time Bob and Steve lived together Steve’s younger brother committed suicide. No one knew at the time why it had occurred but given that both of the parents in the house were life-long alcoholics it was a given that all of the kids had suffered because of that. Steve had given Bob a BB gun that had belonged to his younger brother a couple of years before, before they were roommates and before Steve’s brother killed himself.  Steve decided he really wanted the BB gun back after his brother committed suicide and Bob had given it away a long time before as he wasn’t given the impression that Steve ever wanted it. Steve flipped out and threatened Bob and even wrote a letter to Bob’s employer telling him that Bob was unstable and crazy. It ended in Steve being told to stay away from Bob by a court. A couple years after that the friend, Aaron that I was still roommates with and I were working at two different places but they were right across the street from each other. We still occasionally saw Steve as he had moved into his parents’ house after he and Bob had their falling out and that house was pretty close and so to get out of the house he would bring beer and pizza by and visit. He would do that with whoever was home, Aaron or me or Aaron and me. We still occasionally went boating or camping together. One afternoon guys that looked like insurance agents came by the office I worked at and asked if they could have a word with me. Of course I said yes and they came in my office at the business I worked at and shut the door. One of them handed me a piece of paper and told to read it. As I started to read it I realized the letter was about Aaron and mentioned that he had a wolf dog and a whole bunch of guns that he had said he could take out all the kids in the school yard by his house with. I was flabbergasted, it was total BS, Aaron had the guns for deer hunting and shooting beer cans and in no way would ever shoot a kid. The men then introduced themselves and told me they were detectives and wanted to know what I thought about the letter. I told them it was a total fabrication and there was no way Aaron was dangerous. They then asked if I had any idea who might have sent it to them, they said it had been signed with a one word name of which they told me was “Ichabod”.  I said I had no idea who would use that nickname of our friends and we had no feuds going on with anyone. They asked me how Aaron would react when they go and show him the letter. I told them he would have the same reaction as I did. They then said they were going to go see Aaron so as soon as they left I called Aaron to tell him what to expect since I figured there was no reason for him to be as blindsided by this like I was. Aaron called me about twenty minutes later and told me they were going to come by our house at lunch, which was in about an hour, so they could look at his guns to verify there was nothing going on. I knew that Aaron always left his pipe out on the table, as we had many fights about his doing so, and kept a small amount of marijuana in his top dresser drawer which we had fights about for the very reason it was now going to be a problem. So I took a chance that the police were not watching us and drove home and hid his pipe and pot so they wouldn’t be an issue when they came to look at his guns. I then went back to work and went home at lunch which I had at pretty much the same time as Aaron did. When I got to the house the detectives and Aaron were already there and looking at the guns Aaron brought out of the room to show them. They had already been happily greeted by our “vicious” wolf jumping all over them so they knew the vicious part was untrue though they did recognize that she was part wolf. While one of the detectives was looking at the guns and writing the serial numbers down the other asked if it would be alright if he looked in the bedrooms, he said he wouldn’t touch anything. Like it was a really a choice, so of course we said yes. That detective found a couple more guns that were under Aaron’s bed that he had been asked to keep by a friend that he had forgotten were there but they didn’t make a big deal about it. While talking to them and their telling us that these kinds of things usually are done by friends with a grudge I remembered that Bob had gone off the deep end recently and was taking Prozac though I did say I really couldn’t believe he would do something like this. They took his name and where he worked and left. I called Steve and told him what had happened and told him that the police might be contacting him to corroborate Bob being unstable. That evening, it was about two weeks before Christmas and my sister and I had planned to go shopping that evening, when I got home from work my sister showed up at the same time and when we walked in the house Aaron was already there and Steve was there also. The air was palpable with tension when we walked into it. Steve was cordial but there was definitely something wrong with the situation. I quickly got ready and Annette I left to go shopping. We did very little shopping and went to the Mexican bar at the shopping center we always went to after we were done shopping and I told her about the day’s events and she and I came to the conclusion based on the way Steve had been acting that he was the guilty one and not Bob. Aaron showed up at the bar not long after we got there, he knew what we did on our shopping trips and that we would end up at the bar. He felt the same way about Steve being the guilty party but we all didn’t have a clue why. The next morning Bob called me up at work and was really freaked out, he said two detectives came in and showed him a letter that at first he thought was another one about him like when Steve wigged out over the BB gun. That was when the detectives asked him if he thought Steve wrote the letter and he said yes. I didn’t tell him that I had at first suspected him I just said I had mentioned the incident between him and Steve. I then got the creepy feeling that Steve was the perpetrator and I called the lead detective. He told me that as far as they were concerned Steve had written the letter for reasons they didn’t care about and the case was closed for them, all they had wanted to know is whether or not Aaron was a real threat to the school kids. They did tell me that they didn’t think it would be wise to retaliate and that we should just cease being friends with Steve. I  then called up Steve and told him that the police would not be contacting him. He sounded disappointed, and asked why not. I said “The police seem to think that you are the one who wrote the letter.” Steve then said “What do you think?” I said that as much as I can’t believe you would do this to Aaron and I it is the only explanation that makes sense. He said “You’re right, I did.” I said “Why, we have been your best and frequently your only friends for years?” He said “I didn’t mention your name.” I said “But I live in the same house, how did you think this would not affect me? The police could have broken in shooting if they had believed you.” He said “Aaron burned me with a cigarette when we were in grade school. He isn’t as smart as me so why does he deserve to have a good job?” I just said “ You are so screwed up I don’t see that there is any point in saying anything more. I don’t want to ever see you again and I cannot believe you treated the two people who have been your best friends this way. Goodbye forever.” And that is the last time I ever talked to him. Later on I heard that his younger brother who had committed suicide did it because he had been molested by Steve’s older brother. That older brother died shortly after that. So dysfunctional families take a toll on not only their own family but also on other people who have the misfortune to come in contact with them.


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