The Halloween Wedding

My mother’s birthday has always been a day we have celebrated heartily in our family. She was born on October 31 so for all of my life my sister and I could call her a witch, with a smile on our face. Quite often over the years my sister and I were the only ones around to celebrate her birthday as our stepfather was frequently gone elk hunting on that day. Frequently as the years went on my sister and I had boyfriends, and then her children, that were around for the Halloween birthday parties even if our mother’s husband was not around. Halloween is the third biggest holiday in our family’s life, after Christmas and Thanksgiving. My mother died of cancer four years ago and my sister decided to get married this last year on Halloween, because of the significant place it holds in our life. It was one of, if most, fun wedding I have ever been a part of. It was held at the bar my sister is a manager at and the owner of the bar hosted the wedding. Not only did the owner of the bar host the wedding he “gave” the bride away (our 80 year old stepfather didn’t feel up to going to the wedding) dressed as Count Dracula, my sister’s “blood sucking” boss! My sister and her husband dressed in sort of a combination of “togas” and “roman” themed clothing, kind of like something from the “Gladiator” movie. My sister’s three sons were the combination Bridegroom/Bridesmaids as two of them dressed in “toga-gladiator” outfits and one dressed in a dress, so therefore my analogy that they were combination Bridegroom/Bridesmaid. The “preacher” was a customer and friend of the bar and he dressed as “Friar Tuck”. Almost everyone that attended was in some kind of costume, and there was characters attending that were dressed in simple costumes to those in elaborate costumes like “Darth Vader” and many other characters. The bride and groom entered the decorated patio of the bar to the music of Guns and Roses “Sweet Child Of Mine” with two of the participants dressed as Axel and Slash standing by the “wedding stage”. Friar Tuck convened the ceremonies and asked who was giving the bride away and “Count Dracula” stepped forward and did the honors and then “Friar Tuck” performed the legal ceremony and pronounced my sister and her boyfriend “man and wife” and after they kissed the party was on. To me this ceremony represents what a wedding should be about, a fun celebration of the union of two people who love each other. Happy Halloween!

Fryer Tuck Performing The Ceremony b

Dracula Gives The Bride Away

Dracula Gives The Bride Away



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