Alien Encounters!

When I was a young girl I had many aliens for friends, I just didn’t know that is what they were because they were my real best friends and they were not imaginary.  They took me on great adventures, I lived as a person somewhat like Jesse James, I was a horse riding man who wore a gun and had many great adventures. This was my reality for most of the years between when I was around twelve until I was about fifteen. I felt I had been reincarnated, I was an avid reader and had read many books about the wild west, Indians, horses, science fiction, real life biographies, and I identified with many of the characters in the books I read. I identified so much so that I didn’t see them as something I imagined, they were very real. I had a couple of experiences during those years that I felt really happened, I was always by myself when I had the experiences with people from another time so when I got older I assumed I had just imagined all of the experiences I had remembered having with outlaws and Indians. They usually happened when I went riding on my horse by myself, which makes logical sense whether of not the experiences where imaginary or real if I am the only one that remembers them then I was probably by myself. If I would have had these experiences with other people they would remember them also and I have no friends who shared these experiences with me. All the same I always felt I had lived in a past life even though there is nothing to back that up. I had some great adventures as a child with these people I conjured up and they were some of the best friends I had in my youth, but we were never children in these experiences, we were always adult outlaws and Indians and I never thought that it was strange.

Several years after those wonderful adventures I had as a child I had an experience where I felt the same presences that had been in my life were also present in my past had come to beckon me back to them. It did make me wonder if the experiences I had as a teenager where imaginary or not, because there was no doubt in my mind that this current offering of friendship was not imaginary. I have also had many times when I had a dream in which a friend of mine would be in and talking to me that was out of town or the country and the day after I had the dream they would call me up. This has happened to me so many times I can’t count them, like thirty times or more. I have an aunt who had dreams in which she foresaw the death of two of her brothers the day before and the experiences turned out to be foreshadowing of their deaths so I definitively believe that these are real experiences. I have also had “alien” encounters but all of these things, dreams and alien encounters, do fall into the “paranormal” experience realm I believe.

The encounters I had were non-threatening, one was in the form of a person I met at a bar that I thought was a friend of a friend that I hadn’t met and I had a fabulous conversation with them about a lot of deep things I was interested in and I couldn’t believe I met someone that I understood all the things I talked about with them and later on in the evening when I was getting ready to leave someone asked who I had been visiting with and it turned out I was the only person that had talked to that person and I was given their phone number and when I called it the next day no one was at the number and thinking back on the evening it was too cosmic that I had talked about all the things I had with someone that no one else had talked to though someone did see me visiting with someone but no one could describe the person.
Another encounter happened in the middle of the night and I woke up out of a deep sleep and had this feeling I wasn’t alone. In the corner of the room I could see what I would describe as displaced energy in more or less a human form. I immediately perceived it as alien and told the entity that I couldn’t acknowledge them because I had family that I loved and needed me and I couldn’t deal with what I felt the alien was offering me and after I said that out loud the curtains kind of rustled and the energy source was gone.
I am positive that both of these last two encounters were with some kind of aliens and they were just visiting because they can, the same reason we have been to the moon.
I used to think I could contact them of I really tried but I had some weird times lately and I tried to get an alien to appear and nothing happened, I can’t say as I blame them. Why would anyone want anything to do with us screwed up people? I certainly can’t imagine why they would.

It did really depress me though when I asked for their help when my life fell apart these last several years and they didn’t answer me. I imagine that it must be because I don’t have anything to offer them that they want, but they really let me down because I always thought that they would always be there no matter what. I guess I am projecting my values onto to another life form, and why do I think they would value the same things I do?


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