My Present Is My Future!

I am the sum total of my past until my present. That is the same as it is for everyone. Your past is just that, it has passed, right or wrong or good or bad it is history. With any luck we are able to reap what has been good from our past and apply it to our present, that is the best you can possibly do with your life, which is to take all of the things you have experienced in your life and make something good happen. You certainly can’t change anything that has already happened to you, it has definitely passed though, so all you can do is to influence your future. Your past will always be with you, no matter what you do, so if you are smart you need to come to peace with the devil’s in your past because we all have them. It doesn’t matter how bad the devil is that you have to deal with, it only matters that you figure out who the devil is and that you do deal with him. The devil is not in the details, the devil is in you, or rather the devil is in whether or not you do find him and you do deal with him! I wrote a poem about this that I posted a couple of months ago and this is it:
Your Past Is Part Of Your Future
When I look in the mirror I see everything I have been,
most of what I am and some of what I

Halloween, 1969

Halloween, 1969

hope to be.
That is what I always see.
This is my past journey to my future.
My past will always change my way of interacting, but it will never control it, only I can control my past that is a part of my present and future.

This is not either good or bad, it is just the way it is!


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