Breaking News!

“Justin Bieber tweets he had the worst birthday ever!”  This was a headline on Good Morning America a couple of days ago with the caption above it saying “breaking news”. Come on, give me a freaking break! A slow news day should be a good day, don’t try to make a non-event a breaking news story. I was already getting pretty annoyed that this program seems to make a point of using the term “breaking new” as much as they possibly can, like no one else has access to the same national news events that they do. It is like they are either trying to scare people to death with all their foreboding stories of doom or make them think they are the only ones in town with access to the news. Bill Maher recently did his show on HBO and talked about how the media is trying to scare everyone to death with the “news” and I agree. My mother used to tell me how depressed she got after reading the newspaper and I told her that I do read the newspaper but if after reading the headline if I feel there is no benefit to read the details I don’t, that way I stay informed but don’t read about the really gory and depressing things. She later on told me that after she started doing that it really did help. My feeling is that I want to know what is going on in the world but if I personally cannot change things then I don’t need to stress myself out with all the weight of the world’s problems when it is hard enough to deal with your own that you may or may not be able to change. I guess just because it is breaking doesn’t mean it is news!


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