Marijuana VS Alcohol!

I think Marijuana should be legalized for many reasons! I have watched two episodes of a show on the Discovery Channel called “Weed Country”. I still, and always will, think that marijuana is safer for people to use for trying to relax in the evening than to drink alcohol, and I do drink more alcohol than I use marijuana but I do either one of them for the same reasons, I just don’t like to smoke anything and don’t smoke enough weed to be able to justify the expense of the smokeless kind of using this drug, which I have tried and fully endorse but for as seldom as I use it I can’t justify the expense of buying the equipment to do so, but if I did need to use weed more I would definitely invest in the smokeless system. But I do not believe in abusing either one of these drugs. I think the show “Weed Country” is a pretty silly show, because it is trying to present two diametrically opposed points of view on the use of Marijuana. One is from the side of the grower and the other is “it is against the law”, whether or not it should be. Those two sides will never be able to get along because as long as something is illegal the police are going to do their level best to “win”, it is the way things have always been and will always be as far as I can see. The show is trying to present marijuana growers in a realistic light but it also tries to present the antithesis of it by presumably showing law enforcement in the “emerald triangle” of California as their equals in their pursuit in taking down the marijuana farmers. I find this a little, okay I find this hugely, a ridiculous comparison. What a huge waste of money they are putting out to try and stop something that is no more dangerous than “legal alcohol” and probably a lot less dangerous, when they could be using those same policemen to catch thieves and murderer’s. What am I missing here?
I have smoked marijuana off and on from the age of 17 and I have come to the conclusion that when used moderately it is the least dangerous drug there is. In my opinion the most dangerous drug is alcohol, it is the only drug I know that continuously builds upon itself one “toke ” after another where the “partaker” of this drug can continue to function long after it is reasonable for them to do so. It is also the only drug that you can go to almost any “grocery store” and buy! I have tried “cocaine”, “heroin”, “amphetamines”, “barbiturates”, “Psilocybin” mushrooms, LSD (only once but that still counts), and the only drug I feel is the most dangerous after all of my encounters is alcohol. I have known, and still know, people who “abuse” marijuana, and by abuse I mean they smoke so much of it that they endanger themselves in the same way that people who smoke cigarettes do. At a certain point I have observed theses friends of mine that smoked marijuana long past the point I consider (I did say “I” in this sentence) reasonable become excessively unreasonable and become unreasonably irritable and irrational and thus leading me to say that this is an addictive drug (mental or physical addiction is the same in my opinion) but as big of an ******* these friends can be it is not nearly as dangerous as the state that most of the people I know that are “alcoholics” can get in. All things, they don’t have to be drugs, when used excessively or beyond the point that they are used in what most people would consider a reasonable manner, can be abused. I have never heard of anyone using marijuana and beating their wife up, so if you only compare alcohol to marijuana this has to be a plus on the side of marijuana.

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