We Came And We Conquered, Was Any Part Of That Right?

When I was young and idealistic, and maybe I still am, I couldn’t understand how the white men – my ancestors – could immigrate to this country and feel justified in taking over the native people’s land and condemning them to live on reservations. They were here first, I didn’t understand why that didn’t count for anything, and I can say all these years later I still feel that way. The nature of the world, natural or unnatural, is based on the survival of the fittest and I guess some kind of argument can be made that the winner in any type of event is the strongest but I am not convinced it demonstrates who is the fittest but who was smart enough to build a better weapon to kill those who might be stronger in hand to hand combat. I have a lot of trouble reconciling being better at cheating mother nature as being a superior quality. What happened can never be changed and never be made right but maybe part of our countries legacy might be to acknowledge that as a nation so we can show we might in some small way deserve to live here. Just a thought on a long running disgrace, in my opinion, that we have to live with our ancestors having done to the original inhabitants of this wonderful country I am glad I live in.


One thought on “We Came And We Conquered, Was Any Part Of That Right?

  1. Partnership is a survival strategy that is far more soulful than—“only the strong survive.” There are examples of nonviolent revolution. As a society–if we’re strong enough–we can find other ways to live. It takes a collective movement to make nonviolence relevant.

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