I have written on this subject many times before this because I find the similar complexities in the relationships between me and my human friends, me and my animal friends, and my animals with their animal friends to bear a great deal of similarities to each other in the way’s they work. I think it speaks to the nature of all relationships that senescent beings have with each other. It isn’t dependent on the intellectual level so much as it is dependent on the nature of the beings involved. I heard some “animal  expert” say that they thought that a dog or a cat has the approximate intelligence of a 5 or 6 year old human. If you really think about this that is pretty damned intelligent! I have met many adult human beings that I am not sure I would credit with that much intelligence! I have four animals living with me that have an incredibly intricate and complex relationship with each other and with me. The dynamic relationship in my house is formed by me, my two 13 year old cats – one is a male and one is a female – and two 80 % wolf and 20 % malamute dogs of which one is a female that is now almost 9 and a male that is now almost 6. The cats were established members of the household when the two wolf dogs came to live with me, the 9 year old female was 3 years old when I brought her to my house and had been raised around cats and is a very sweet animal though I would venture to say that if you threatened my life she would probably call on her ancestral calling and kill anyone that would do me any harm and the 6 year old male is very large and has already threatened a couple of people he got bad “vibes” off of but didn’t act on his feelings because the “strange” (and he was right in calling the fact that they were strange I found out eventually) people didn’t do me any harm. I watch the interactions these four animals have with each other, and myself, in “our” house and I amazed at how intricate and intelligent they are in the way they deal with each other. Just tonight the female wolf dog came up to me for attention and the always jealous male came up and asserted his “largeness” upon the situation so that she eventually said “fine, you win” and walked away. He weighs 130 pounds and she only weighs 60 pounds so she always defers to him when he gets jealous and wants the attention on him. They are a bonded couple, the male always gets to be right in the world of the wolf, it is not the way humans believe it should be but it is the way of the wolf and they don’t fight about it because that is the way they survive. The 2 cats come in as an interesting ingredient in the nature of things, they were here first and the female wolf dog came from a house that she shared with cats and she is a very gentle creature (though totally capable of being a wolf if she needs to be but in my house she doesn’t need to be one) and the male was only 10 weeks old when I brought him and the 3 year old female to live with me so I taught him that he had to be “nice to the kitties”. Fortunately the 2 cats had already lived with 2 other wolf dogs, another male and female I adopted several years before that I let my roommate keep when I moved to my own place, so they were experienced in how to deal with large canines and how to not put themselves in harm’s way when trying to keep the much larger creatures in line (so to speak). There are times when the cats are both laying on the couch by me and the male wolf dog comes over and starts asking for attention and he rubs he very large head (it is as big as either one of the cats whole bodies) against my leg and gets closer and closer to the cats until they finally leave and he gets on the couch and lays his head on my lap. He is very pleased with himself for getting the cats to leave and getting to take the position they had before he intimidated them out of my lap that they held before he threatened to “sit” on them, and “yes” he will try to sit on them if they don’t leave when he puts on his jealous performance.  Most of the time he will just look at the cats sitting on my lap from wherever he is sitting, or laying, in the room and not do anything but now and then he just can’t help himself and has to act on his jealousy. I find the intricate peace that these four creatures have come to in the way they deal with each other fascinating.

Hunter, Niner and Mojo!

Hunter, Niner and Mojo!


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