Life is an amazing, incredible and never ending journey!

 My Life Is Documented With Hundreds Of Pictures!

(Now All I Have To Do Is Remember What I Was Doing In Those Pictures)

I am very blessed to have this pictorial history of my life, though maybe blessed isn’t the right word because they are mostly all photos I have are ones that I have taken with my own camera. I guess I should probably say I am glad I loved photography so much that I have a lot of my life history documented with them. So that I guess even if I have trouble remembering the events I took the photos of I at least have proof that they happened. The blessed part I guess is all of the super 8 movies and video tape movies that I have, that I had turned into digital media so that I can watch them on my computer, are ones that my stepfather took of many of my family’s vacations, camping trips, birthdays and Christmas parties. So even though there aren’t too many dorky photos of me since I took most of them so I am not in them, there are plenty of dorky movies of me and the rest of our family. But seriously, it is pretty cool to have all of the digital media that proves” I lived here on this planet even if I don’t remember when or why. Ha Ha!
I am now going through all of the hundreds of photos and trying to put some words to go with them to explain the events before I actually do get too senile to remember them!

I have been going through all of the photos that I have taken from the age of 8 of my family, the pets I have lived with, the friends I have made through the years and the amazing places I have visited and they always bring back amazing and mostly wonderful memories. I also have always been a writer, not necessarily a good one, but from the age of 12 I kept some kind of a journal or diary as well as writing stories and papers for my classes from grade school on through college. Some of the pieces I wrote when I was young are actually still good, and some of them make me wonder why my teachers gave me such high grades for them – but I suppose I am judging them from the point of view of an adult and not from the point of view of an English teacher for a 7th grade child. I did notice that my daily journal entries always included at least one description of a meal I had on that day, lunch or dinner, and frequently there was a description of both lunch (mostly the mediocre school lunches) and dinners (which usually included a lot of fresh vegetables and meat – all kinds of meat and lots of vegetables that were grown in our garden – which probably somewhat explains why I like so many kinds of food) which still has a very large and important place in my life. I am a lover of good food and I love to cook and from reading my journals as a young child it is obvious that it has always been an important part of my life. I describe helping my mother cook dinner a lot as well as cooking dinner all by myself occasionally when I was in Junior High School so I guess the fact that I turned out to be a gourmet cook and a lover of good food started at a very young age. I also read a lot of books when I was young and that continued throughout my life. I even found a poem I wrote about the cat we found in the woods when we were on vacation in British Columbia, Canada which we smuggled across the border only to later find out no one would have cared if we had told them we were bringing the small black and white kitten home to Oregon. This is from my journal for the date of October 13, 1970: I am going to finish writing about our cat BC. BC gallops like a horse when he runs. He eats a lot. He is a big pig. I made up a poem about him. It goes:

I have a great big cat

He has great big feet

He is very, very fat

But he is very sweet.

He was a very sweet and silly cat. He frequently sat in chairs like a human and I remember one time he was sitting in a chair and his tail was hanging over the edge of it and the kitten we had just adopted started playing with the end of his tail. He looked over the edge of the chair and saw this little “creep” kitten playing with his tail and he took his paw, with no claws out, and went “bam, bam, bam” on her head to let her know that it wasn’t alright to use his tail as a toy. Since he didn’t really hurt her she was fairly un-phased by the attack but she did quit biting his tail. They eventually became the best of friends. This is just one of the many memories that going through the photos brought to mind.

BC sitting in a chair like a dork!

BC sitting in a chair like a dork!

I find it very rewarding that I remember so many of the stories surrounding a lot of the photos as well as actually remembering taking them. It reminds me that my life has been made up of a lot of interesting people, animals and adventures that I am glad I have a pictorial record to remind me of them.



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