Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll Got A Bad Rap!

How come all everyone talks about are the people who screwed up, what about the ones who did Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll and didn’t screw up? I did sex, drugs, rock and roll and quit without overdosing or having to go into rehab, how come all people want to know about are the ones that screwed it up? I did it all and survived, I did more than most, enjoyed it and survived, how come we only want to hear about the ones who didn’t make it or if they did had a public fall from grace? I saw Kelsey Grammer on a talk show and he basically said he went there, did that, had fun and is done, but he didn’t regret having done it. I also saw Rod Stewart on a talk show recently and he said “yes, I did cocaine and I enjoyed it but I was able to stop when it was no longer fun.” Why do the people who party badly get all of the attention? Why do we like to hear stories about the people who lived on the edge and screwed up instead of people like me who lived life large at times, partied with rock stars, had a good time and then went on with life successfully? Everyone should party like a rock star for awhile and then quit while they are still having fun! And that is what I did, I quit while I still had my mind and my health, but I am not really advocating that everyone should go out and do drugs, I am only trying to point out that not everyone who has done drugs screws up. Do I wish I had never done them, I can’t answer that question because I have no way of knowing that answer since the only drugs that have screwed my life up were legal and prescribed by doctors. The illegal drugs I have tried, and I have tried most but not all, were the easiest ones to quit using because after I experienced what they had to offer they held no more fascination for me. It doesn’t mean I am condoning them or condemning them only that I think that the legal drugs, which includes alcohol, have committed far more damage in my life than the illegal drugs I have used. I think that whether or not you have used drugs in your life is not the issue, the issue is why you used them. Was it to escape your life or to try and learn about your life, I used them to try and understand all of the very screwed up things that have happened to me that were out of my control and after having done that and survived I no longer have any use for the drugs as they were only a tool on a very long journey, the journey of life and figuring out how to live it the best way you can.


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