Do Your Cats or Dogs Have A Sense of Humor?

My wolf-dog Hunter likes to jump on the couches like a kid likes to jump on a bed. He only does it when he is feeling really sparky and he started doing it when he was a pup five and a half years ago. Most of the time he is not allowed to go in the bedroom so he jumps from one of the two “animal” couches to the other one back and forth. The two couches are a few feet apart and “catty cornered” from each other and they are for the canines and felines to sleep on.  I can’t help but laugh because he is obviously enjoying himself so much. Of course when I am laughing while telling him to stop as he bounces back and forth from couch to couch he somehow fails to find me a figure of authority and continues his joyous activity.  He also comes in from outside very sparky sometimes and will go racing into the kitchen and then stop and turn on a dime like a cutting horse and run back to where I am still walking back to “my” couch after letting him in the house. At 150 pounds he gives new meaning to term throw rug as I have a 6’ x 8’ indoor outdoor carpet rug on my kitchen floor that always gets moved a few feet when he does his high speed spin and turn maneuver on it. It does seem to me that dogs have more of a sense of humor than cats do. I was just sitting on my couch and one of my cats was sitting on my lap and Hunter gets very jealous of the cats for no particular reason when they are on my lap, maybe because he hasn’t fit on my lap ever really since he was probably 20 pounds when I got him at 10 weeks, so he always walks up and starts rubbing his cheek on my leg while keeping an eye on the cat on my lap hoping he will bother them enough to leave when this time he sneezed all of sudden and the cat jumped up like she had been attacked and stood on the back of the couch where she jumped up to when the “sneeze” attacked her and she gave Hunter the world’s dirtiest look.  Like who can sneeze on purpose? I started laughing and I was the second recipient of Jasmine’s dirty look.  Like chill out, it was only a sneeze! Isn’t life strange, or funny, or maybe just strangely funny?

What? I am not bothering the cat!

What? I am not bothering the cat!


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