Real Life Is Stranger Than Fiction!


This is a true story and the only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Twenty three years ago my sister was in an unhappy marriage and the only way she knew how to get out of a bad relationship was to go directly into another one and unfortunately the one she went into at that time turned out to be far worse than the one she was getting out of, but she would only find that out in time. Annie started out by answering an advertisement in the newspaper to do telephone sales. The company she went to work for sold travel “coupon books”, somewhat like the ones they used to sell with discounts for meals at restaurants, for $750.00 for each coupon book, and if you travel a lot there were good values in these legitimate coupons that local airline and travel agencies sponsored. My sister is a very good flirt and she immediately did well at telemarketing. The owners of the company were a local college basketball celebrity and a man who had met him through his sister and he was a very good “talker” and became partners with the basketball hero. My sister initially had only taken the job as an outlet to be away from her controlling husband who made her life miserable, and it was no way entirely her husband’s fault, because if she had more self-confidence (to know about this you will need to read the stories I have written about our terribly dysfunctional family) she would have just told the man to f**k off and stood fast on that concept. He wasn’t a physically abusive man, or even a verbally abusive man, but because of having a childhood that rendered my sister unable to deal with any kind of personal criticism and her entire opinion of her self-worth was built on her physical attributes and in no way did she feel she had anything else to offer, she wasn’t able to deal with any adversity in a healthy manner and all she ever felt she had to offer was her attractiveness, great ability to flirt and willingness to have sex with a lot of men she had no interest in other than to make herself feel desirable. This has been a great tragedy of her life up until I can happily report that 23 years after her getting involved with this illegal scheme, that resulted in “First Interstate Bank” being duped out of $750,000.00 by the ex-basketball star and the “white collar” con man, she has married a man who is in love with her for the “right reasons” and she is also in love with him for the right reasons as well, and the “fortunate” part of the telemarketing scheme she became involved with was the 23 year old son that was one of the combination “best men / bridesmaids” at her wedding this year on Halloween.

This is just a small part of this true story which involves the Mafia and the Federal Witness Protection Program. There will be more installments on this story!

There is an interesting development in this story I am writing.  I just scanned the 5 news stories about the white collar robbery of the bank (the articles you  would be hard pressed to find anyone admitting that they ever existed) and started doing research using “google” into what happened to famous ex basketball star and the company he ran that he along with the ex criminal he “narked” on to avoid going to jail, and much to my surprise I found that he is still using the original name of that company and still running it as a travel business.  This could get very interesting when I inform him I am writing a book about the true story of the crime he helped commit.  More will be coming, need to dot my i’s and cross my t’s now that I see how blatantly he thinks he got away with what my sister and I know he fully participated in.  “Very Interesting” as the guy from “Laugh In” used to say!


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