My Sister And I Laugh So Hard Sometimes We Can’t Talk!

My sister and I have very similar senses of humor and through the years there have been many times when we have laughed so hard we could hardly talk. We can just look at each other and start laughing, so hard sometimes that we can’t do anything but laugh hysterically and have people look at us like we are crazy. There have been many times that we have embarrassed the people with us because of our inability to stop laughing. Most of the things we find funny are also funny to the people with us, unless they happen to be the unfortunate funny event we are laughing at, but no one else seems to be as connected by the humor of the situations as much as my sister and I are. I find this to be a special connection that she and I share. It makes me feel good to laugh so hard I can’t stop. I have actually seen people that did something slightly funny become totally unable to function after the initial “funny” thing they did, like the time my mother farted during an outdoor symphony concert and my sister and I started laughing so hard every one around us started laughing as well and I don’t think they even heard the fart – they just started laughing because we were laughing. My mother never saw the humor in this event and never forgave us! 🙂



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