I Don’t Get Out Of My Car When Naked People Run By It:)

My sister and I went to a summer wine and food festival about 60 miles from where we lived several years ago and on our way home we both needed to stop at a rest area so I pulled on to the entrance to the first one I came to and there was a parking place right in front of the bathrooms so I started to park there. All of a sudden a naked man came running out of the women’s bathroom and ran right past my car. I immediately locked my door, though he had already run by so I suppose it would have been too late if it should have been locked, and looked at my sister who had also locked her door. We both looked at the bathroom and I said nothing and backed my car out of the parking space and got back on the freeway. As soon as I merged back into traffic my sister and I started laughing hysterically. I am not sure why we waited but I guess we needed to feel safe from the naked running man before we laughed. I never heard any news that anything bad had happened at the rest area, and most likely it didn’t, but we will never forget the trip home from that wine and food festival.


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