Everyone has an “AHA” Christmas Moment, what is yours?

This only applies to those people who like Christmas in some way even if it is a very small way.  If you don’t like anything about Christmas there isn’t going to be any “AHA’ feel good moment.  Along with my putting up the various decorations around the house as well as my Coca Cola Polar Bear Christmas Village display, Charlie Brown and his poor little Christmas tree along with the warmly familiar theme song is a must see show to get myself in the Christmas mood.  It has pretty much been around almost all my life since I was 7 when the “Charlie Brown Christmas” special came out on television and spawned the best way to insult someone’s tree by comparing it to poor Charlie’s stick Christmas tree.  The other Charlie Brown moment that always makes me smile is the Halloween special when he sadly says “I got a rock’.

Poor little Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.

Poor little Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree.


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