The Christmas Rabbits

There seems to be something in particular that gives each of us the Christmas spirit, unless you are one of those that hates Christmas, and I find it interesting what each of our “aha” trigger is. For some people it is the shopping and buying presents (and no that is not me), others really get into Christmas when they pick out their Christmas tree and put it up but for me it is getting out the silly rabbits dressed in Christmas clothes and the other things like them that I have either bought or people have given me as presents. The silly rabbits are porcelain bunny heads on doll like bodies wearing various Christmas outfits that my step sister gave my parents and my sister and I one of every year for several years as presents. There is a Grandma and Grandpa, a mom and dad and 3 bunny children and every year since I was given them about 20 years ago I take them out of the boxes they came in, that protect their china heads from breaking during the rest of the year, and set them up on top of the bookshelf in my house and I enjoy thinking about the holiday spirit in which I was given them and they sit on the shelf and personify the spirit of Christmas to me, they were a gift and they look “Christmassy”! My stepfather always disliked them and complained when my mother put them but she did so anyway and it was probably for the same reason that I did. One year my sister’s big dog got a hold of one of her rabbit dolls and broke it, it wasn’t that big a deal but she did like them for the same reason as me and she told me about it breaking. The next year after she told me about the one rabbit getting broken I found a pair of them at Goodwill one day when I was killing time during my lunch hour at work, it turned out that one of them was one of the one’s that my sister’s dog had “killed” so I gave it to her. My sister and I talked about what to do with the “extra” one that we all still had and since my stepfather hated it so much I wrapped it up and put his name on it and put that it was from my sister and I on the tag (since his real daughter had given us the rabbits in the first place I couldn’t put her name on it) and put it under the tree on Christmas Eve when we always got together. It was priceless when he opened up the box and saw the rabbit we all knew he disliked, he was torn between trying to be polite and not being able to believe that he got another one of those “rabbits”. My sister and I couldn’t keep a straight face very long and he figured out it was a joke when we fell on the floor laughing. These are the kinds of things that say Merry Christmas to me!

The Christmas Rabbit Family

The Christmas Rabbit Family


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