Experience Project – Check It Out!

We all (all that have a computer with internet access or a television set with with public channels) have heard of Facebook but have you ever been to the “Experience Project”?  If you haven’t and you enjoy socializing on the internet then you should check it out.  The basic principal is socialing with people through shared experience intead of shared friends or here is how the EP people phrase it: ” Experience Project: Stories about every Life Experience”.  Here are a couple of stories I posted on the site I joined about a month ago and they will take you to the site or you can just type “Experience Project” in the search box of your browser.  I hope you enjoy it like I do:)

I also still use Facebook and Myspace, they each have different pluses and different people on them and are all useful social tools.  Cheers to you and happy posting!

I Like Facebook But I Like The Concept Of Experience Project Better

By: Me

Written on November 24th, 2012

I was on Myspace before Facebook became the most popular social site and I liked Myspace better because there was a lot more substance to it, it wasn’t about just a “purty face with naught behind it” as my mother used to be so fond of saying. But FB became so popular it almost became a necessity to be on it to keep up with the “Joneses” so to speak. I still am more partial to the depth of Myspace but have met some interesting people on FB and it is an easy way to keep in contact with friends without a whole lot of effort or if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to keep in touch.. After discovering EP recently I think it has the potential to surpass both Myspace and Facebook to be an interesting and useful social network, basing friendships on shared experiences as opposed to shared friends is a lot deeper a concept. I guess only time will tell which “horse” has the stamina to win the race. Actually there probably isn’t a winner so much as which vehicle provides the most substance for the individual who is driving the “car”.

Experience Is An Interesting Project

By: Me

Written on November 20th, 2012

I happened upon this site by randomly googling various words and phrases and now that I found it I really like the concept, if It is what I perceive it to be. I would like to use this forum to get opinions about some of the writing I’ve done about my opinions and beliefs or my search to understand them or what they are. The idea of presenting the various subjects that I have written about, in my pursuit to understand and find my purpose in life, to people who don’t know me and therefore can give me totally unbiased (unbiased towards me anyway, because by not knowing me or anything about me, the opinions I get on my opinions will be totally based on my ability, or inability, to express them in the written word) opinions from people I have never met. I want to emphasize that I am writing about my opinions or questions I have about life and the living of it, and in no way think I have the only right opinion or thoughts on the subjects I write about.
It seems to me that this site could have a lot of power to unite people who would otherwise never come in contact with each other.
This is a fascinating and powerful concept.


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